Hi. My name is Sue and I live in NE Minnesota, the coolest and coldest part of the United States.  I wish I were a writer by trade but for now having it as a hobby will have to do.

I have a few passions and have an intellectual curiosity about all sorts of things. My passions run the gamut from folk music, to Great Lakes Shipping to my relationship with God….to the randomness of life…….although my knowledge is more intense in some areas than others.

My blog is my voice…my view of the world…It may not always be right…may not always be clear but I believe the mind is a great tool that is not used that often in the world.

I hope you bookmark this blog..come back often…I am trying to write a bit more frequently than I used to. It may not  be a hotbed of gossip but a source of joy, encouragement and  a great sense of hope in the future of our world.





  1. Thank you Sue, I love the true and the living God of the Bible and His Son for my salvation and eternal home not of this world that is passing away but of His promised new Heaven and a new earth. ( 2 Peter 3:13 ). That being said, if God wills I hope to come home to Duluth to serve Him for whatever time allowed and would hope to meet you one day there! Love your header photo, where was this? God bless! PS – all gloy to God for Rex (Uncle Ned) heard him on KWVE and CCCM and was blessed to converse with him on FB for the last of his time before moving to Heaven with all our friends who have gone already!

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