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“We’ll sing it out my brothers…” part 2

Continuing on with my Kingston Trio Countdown:

Coming in at #14 is a great tune..if unfinished one….released on an EP, it made it’s debut on an EP….Nick Reynolds takes a great vocal..while Dave does the “call and response”..Bob Shane gets a chance to vocally shine in the third verse…It needs banjo but the guitars with the tenor opening really make this a great song..Odetta influenced this version (God rest her soul)….This is a repeater for me….from The Capitol Years Boxed set…Here’s Sail Away Ladies…


Here’s #13 on my Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp Countdown..In light of the health news from Bob Shane, this seems a bit ironic to post but it is what it is. Actually, he told me about this song back in 2003 at the MN State Fair…He was still touring with the KT at that point…and was really excited about getting to sing this..They didn’t get the chance that night….but this performance is just’s a Christmas album..but the album is one of the best live albums ever done by The Kingston Trio…George”s banjo is just fantastic..Bill Zorn‘s commanding voice carries the melody while the joy and hope of the song is captured through Rick’s voice…Coming in at #13 “All of the Hard Days Are Gone”…and let’s believe all of the hard days are gone…




Coming in at #12 on the Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp countdown is this rare song..rare 45…from The New Kingston Trio….great, catchy tune.Bob Shane  carries the lead vocal Pat Horine and Jim Connors offer harmony..guitar and banjo..but the star of this one offers not a single vocal note but the drive of the song..Tom far as I know is the drummer on this catchy tune…and one day, I counted it…13 drum fills…great song to air drum too..and instantly singable…I would love to hear a Camper Trio attempt this one…..At #12 it’s “Tell The Riverboat Captain”….


Coming in at #11 is a great track that is from the album “Looking For the Sunshine”…a great song with a gospel flair and a bit autobiographical for the Kingston Trio…a folk-pop song that has a great chorus…and great lead vocal by Bob Shane…with Roger Gambill providing the high harmonies and George Grove doing his great guitar work….Here is “Big Ship Glory coming in at #11…


.Coming in at #10 is a Dave Guard tour de force in vocals…tried by Campers and me and never quite duplicated..the guitars, the percussion..that opening bass riff…and those “Come To Jesus” gospel lyrics..Bob Shane and Nick Reynolds soar on their “responses” to Dave’s “Call”…The KT really nailed gospel songs..and this is my favorite and quite possibly their best…I used to open my shows with this in Bible College….and it still gets me going..Crank this one way up!


Continuing with our countdown to the KT Fantasy Camp…Here is #9..a song that my Aunt adored and Campers love to play..John Stewart’s banjo drives the track..while Nick Reynold’s carries the spirit of the joy…Bob Shane‘s rhythm guitar carries the bounce of the song…an excellent Sing a long…one of the four songs I played at my Aunt’s funeral.


A fantastic, tender song comes in on the KT FC countdown at #8. Nick Reynolds delivers one of the best vocals of the entire KT catalogue. The slow, waltzy tempo convey a sweet European flair. the guitars and bass are low key to exemplify Nick’s great lead vocals…On a personal note, I can see My Aunt Betsy slow the car down…and wave her hands around to the feel of the music…and then when the last note hits, she’d say “Let’s play that again”…Here’s the exquisite, Mountain’s O $8…

Coming in at #7, a song written by The Kruger Brothers…The Swiss really know their Americana…George Grove sings lead but also does the fantastic banjo work on this song about missing their mother…and the thrill and wonder of seeing this live is watching George Grove get really into the banjo fills on this..Rick Dougherty..and Bill Zorn offer their killer harmonies but this song is all George Grove and his musical prowess….from one of the best albums The Kingston Trio has ever done(Born At the Right Time)…at #7 it’s “Forever and a Day”…..




It is time for #6 in the KT Fantasy Camp Countdown…Here’s a great song written by John Stewart, whose banjo charges this song..the harmonies are killer by John and Nick…and Bob Shane give the voice of someone shouting to the masses that the road to freedom is a long way to go…a civil rights anthem for all time…the current(and I do mean current) lineup of George, Bill and Rick deliver a great version of this as well…So, #6 is “Road To Freedom” from the #16 album…


Ahh..Coming in at #5, is Colours..a cover of a classic song by Donovan…they add layers that the original doesn’t have..the tenor guitar opening is just splendid..the song is a bit sped up from Donovan’s…and I gotta admit, I air guitar to this…the key change of harmonies with Nick Reynolds on lead…John Stewart doing harmony and Bob Shane doing a sweet, smoky harmony that solidifies this as one of their best…and a repeater for me….Here it is…


Coming in at #4 is one of my favorite later Kingston Trio songs…the guitars really sparkle on this…the arrangement is tighter than the original.Bob Shane, John Stewart and Nick Reynolds trade verses on this trippy John Stewart tune…this comes from a collection of rarities…one of the best from this collection…



It is time for #3…This song will always hold a special place in my heart. I bought a “Greatest Hits” tape of The Kingston Trio in late 1987.( just discovered them that year)..and listened to this version endlessly. I found out years later, it came from a fantastic live album called Once Upon a Time(autographed by John Stewart and Bob Shane)…There is something in Bob Shane‘s voice that just is perfection. Sinatra said he wouldn’t try this song…Bill Zorn does it now in concert and as fantastic as he is, he still can’t stop the one..the only Bob Shane…..the guitar..the voice…the legend…the song…Scotch and Soda.


Continuing on with our countdown….Coming in at #2….the song that started it all for me…I was home on a Friday night..listening to an Oldies program…30 years ago this fall…I was listening for Beatles music..when I heard the opening..and knew the song was special. In my high school English class, we were studying satire..and this song grabbed me…from Dave Guard’s opening monologue to Nick Reynold’s exciting vocal…filled with the right touch of whimsy so you knew it was a satire…and Bob Shane‘s perfect high harmony on that chorus…after the song was over, I begged the DJ to play another song by this group…he did..Tijuana Jail..and I was a fan for 30 years….so here’s #2 MTA…


Well…it’s come down to the NUMBER ONE song on the Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp Countdown…….When I thought of what should be #1, I thought, what song has the way of getting to the heart of why I love the Kingston Trio? A John Stewart song about love..longing… and flowers…all the gifts that God has given us….John wrote and sang this for his album “Day The River Sang” CD..and this awesome gem can be found on The Kingston Trio‘s “Born At the Right Time” CD..a stellar album that I cannot plug enough…the song begins with that awesome guitar intro by George Grove…and Bill Zorn‘s tender, expressive vocal…one of the greatest on any KT record..and then add in Rick Dougherty‘s high harmonies and this song really is divine…and it takes me immediately to Fantasy Camp..I listen to it on my phone at work on my breaks…I can listen to this on repeat ten times and never tire of it..When I saw the KT at what turned out to be my last official KT concert this year, I requested this one..and they did it flawlessly…So, folks….Here is the #1 song on the Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp countdown..Thanks for counting along!



..and that’s the countdown…for those that missed the first half:

Let me know what you think….


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