Posted by: suek2001 | July 23, 2017

“The best things in life are free..”

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog….I have been grieving the loss of my friend and my inspiration is a bit lacking…

Still, a liberal friend of mine posted something on Facebook..and it got me thinking…..something that can be dangerous at times but fantastic at others…it’s up to you to decide which time this is….

It was one of those “click bait” links that stated why people who live in Denmark are the happiest…moreso than the United States….

Liberals love to go on about how much better other countries are based on free or reduced government services…it’s the utopian dream for many of them….the thing that stuck out to me is the word happy….as if happiness is something you receive from something….

I will confess that I am conservative in my politics…but even that is up for grabs…as the right leans a little MORE right than I am comfortable with…and under this current administration, certain violations of privacy are worth it to deter voter fraud…so, on some level the current political parties mesh together although uncomfortably so….

…but this blog won’t really be about politics(as it relates to the current administration)…..It is about happiness….and from watching the link, I am guessing the key to happiness is not really freedom…but free stuff…free day care…free schooling…free healthcare…all the stuff that people say they want…and that will make them happy….

So, let’s take a closer look at the hypocrisy of all that…free stuff will make you happy….Americans are always told how materialistic they are for wanting stuff…and for wanting money for such stuff…but is wanting others to give you FREE stuff somehow more honorable? I guess that’s the key to happiness…have others pay for it….

..but is free stuff or subsidized stuff the secret to happiness? Why stop there? I want others to pay my concert tickets to Paul McCartney…Music is a human right…isn’t it? I love music but no one owes it to me…and no one should….

I have been given a lot in my life…and yes, had governmental programs help me out…but I give back…and I know what true happiness is….

Happiness is having the freedom to have the money to help others…without someone demanding I help them….I know that happiness comes from being able to worship in a church that I longed for……and I know the happiness that banjos and guitars can bring when played for fun…or played in worship…..

So, one of the ways to achieve happiness is to seek out the things that aren’t fleeting…although, this whole life is fleeting….so in whom do we seek our happiness? We can seek it in ourselves….we can seek it in others…We can seek it in the world of nature…we can seek it in God….

Governmental programs may bring some measure of peace and security..but it’s all surface joy….the role of government really shouldn’t be to make ones life happy…or even worth living…do we really want politicians and paper pushers in charge of our joy?

My liberal friends might say “ the long run, it benefits us all”….but I would counter that we are letting the leaders and paper pushers do our job for us…for it should never be up to nameless bureaucrats…or elected leaders to determine our joy….that’s not why God made us….He made us to love one another…and to serve one another….somehow the government took over that role….we need to reclaim it before it is too late.




  1. First off, CONGRATULATIONS Sue for getting back on board with your writing! Whether people agree or disagree with you, it is a great way to express yourself, and to invite open dialogue. Keep it up. I enjoyed reading this blog.

    I didn’t read the article you cited, but it sounds more like an opinion piece. Imagine that on the interweb today! But based on your description, I would only say that happiness is relative and it doesn’t sound like they were speaking for me. (Do you still have the link? I would like to read it)

    Liberals in general are not looking for ‘free stuff’. The ‘free’ stuff that government provides is predominantly, but not exclusively in the form of safety nets, generally food, lodging and healthcare. Happiness is not part of this equation. If people want happiness, they go to Disneyland or to a KT3 concert. They form relationships. They challenge themselves to excel. They write most excellent blogs and go to fantasy camps. They don’t sign up for SNAP or WIC. That is done out of human need; the first level of Maslow’s Hierarch of Needs, to be exact (Remember that from school?).

    About SNAP, WIC and other similar programs: Empirical evidence shows that the vast majority of people using our safety nets are: elderly, sick, disabled, military families, students, children and the under employed. There is no way society is going to help all the people who need help if the government didn’t facilitate it. Research has proven that taxpayers would generally NOT redirect tax savings from closing these programs to altruistic causes. Remember when Bush gave us that rebate check and told everyone to spend it to stimulate the economy? Research showed that the vast majority put it on their Visa bill. I have both Conservative and Liberal friends who have said, when this subject came up, that they would keep at least some of the money if safety net programs were eliminated; some said they would keep it all. This is why as a society we have long held that there is a role for government to manage our altruism.

    Most Liberals don’t want free health care (that’s impossible) and we don’t want someone else paying for it. We want a system that better manages the available dollars and allows coverage for everyone. Many (not all) Liberals see a system using single payer IN SOME FORM as the best option. Lord knows the greed rampant in today’s free market is taking us to the cleaners. We are still a long ways from getting this right.

    I couldn’t quite wrap my head around peace and security as surface joy. I’ll give that more thought. On the one hand, I can say unequivocally that the Liberals I know are not looking for our government to provide us with joy. Security, on the other hand, is a completely different story. If you are correct in saying that the government should have no role in making life worth living, then we can stop providing police, fire, military, infrastructure, research and well, just about everything the government funds. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs lists safety right after physiological needs in terms of priority. Knowing we are safe and secure enables us to effectively do just do about everything else that we need or want to do. In that respect, government’s role is critical.

    I believe that meeting human needs and seeking happiness are at best, minimally overlapping circles (Dessert with dinner? Unnecessary, but it will make me happy). I think you were generally right with the way you described how individuals should look for joy, but Liberals are no different than Conservatives in that respect.

    BTW, that free music? It’s not Paul McCartney, but there will be plenty of free music at Fantasy Camp. I’m sure you’ll get your fill. Oh, and there are elevators. All that free elevator music. Yes, and the grocery store ; )

    I’ll be at FC with my son Fri-Mon. See you soon, and can’t wait for your next blog!

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