Posted by: suek2001 | May 22, 2017

“I can promise you a memory to keep”

It’s a misty Sunday evening here in my NE Minnesota city….the kind that can darken the soul….I don’t really need that…as my soul has been a bit grey lately…

It’ll be three weeks this coming Tuesday….and I am finally ready to blog about this….

On May 2nd, my friend of 19 years, David Ruiz del vizo, passed away….in his sleep at the age of 61…It was a sudden turn of events in his life. I talked with him earlier that day..He seemed tired and had a cold..and wanted to sleep the evening away…so he could be ready for his first day of work after orientation.

I have wondered for three weeks what to say about my friend. I’m still at a loss but something needs to be written.. and part of me knew this was my way of saying goodbye…something I wasn’t quite ready to do….As far as I know, there will be no service… finances restrict what some in his family can do for him….Still, no matter what happens to David’s remains, his spirit really does live on…and I know he is in Heaven right now…

It all started with one post…from me…I posted on a guestbook for the Kingston Trio  saying I was a 26 year old girl who was a fan of the group and wanted to visit San Francisco one day to see the origins of my beloved group.

That post resulted in two emails that would change my life…One from George Grove, the banjo player for the group..(I wound up purchasing his awesome solo album “Middle of a Life”-life changing in that regard) and David Ruiz…he lived in the Bay Area…

I was a bit freaked out at first that people would write me but the power of the internet was just beginning back in 1997-1998..

David and I would go on to have some great email discussions..covering our faith…our love of music…and views on so many things…I cannot begin to list all the topics we talked about…but there were many…and the interesting thing is, we always found time to write each other…

Now, let me be clear…there was never anything aside from friendship between us…we just wrote…and then later talked on the phone. It was a special friendship…and we cheered each other through the great times…and prayed for each other through the hard times…There were weeks where we would barely write to each other…and yet, we felt connected….We would often say that our friendship was meant to last…

One of the hardest times for him was these last few years..He had some personal struggles and health struggles….we talked and prayed a lot..I noticed a change in him through our conversations..He got involved with a great church and saw the love of Christ firsthand….and felt closer to God and the Spirit in ways I hadn’t seen before….He may not have been ready to face the challenges life threw at him but somehow he find his survival instincts…and he pushed forward through all the hard times….

So, his death is just a shocking end to a life that held more promise….and it left me speechless in terms of wording my grief…my loss…and our friendship… trying to explain to people what we meant to each other is hard to do.

I am not saying that David was perfect….he wasn’t..there were stories I heard about him from others that cast a negative light on his memory. For those that recall him in a less than positive way, that is their tale to tell. We had our moments of disagreement and he could be a jerk to me…but I learned to trust him enough to call him out on his jerkish  behavior…and that led to a greater understanding. I admit, I could be nasty to him…as my sarcasm to him would cut him to the core…he was one of the few people that knew all the sides to me..and yet, he still wanted to be my friend…

We did finally meet last year at the Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp…and we had a blast….When we met, we were awkward to each other for about 20 minutes and then we realized, how easy it was to be friends…as we already were…

I could share memory upon memory from my friendship with David but sometimes that’s hard to certain moments lose their mystique when shared outside  the moment…

So, I will tell you how you can honor David’s memory….Share in the music that gives you joy…ask someone for a cup of coffee and talk and get to know them..and just be kind and always seek the truth of life….

I’m still not sure this blog conveys all that David means to me…but I think he would be honored that I tried….as he was a big fan of my blog…

One of our last conversations was about music…and John Stewart was one of the artists he loved….and this song exemplifies who he thought of himself to be….so I will close my blog with this song….and also a phrase he loved…I believe it’s from Pete Seeger…”Take it Easy, but just take it”….

Rest Easy David….I’ll see you soon…







  1. Eternal rest grant onto him oh Lord…

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