Posted by: suek2001 | April 28, 2017

“We’ll share these tender moments”

There’s been one of those Facebook game things that’s trending this week..Name 10 concerts you’ve is a lie….I knew the moment I did that someone would spot the I put in a slightly trick answer…and that confused people….but it did get started on a conversation with someone I knew from a John Denver Fan page…which John Denver concert’s we’d seen…and it turns out, she was at the same two I went to in Minnesota in the ’80’s…

So, I thought about that…and then found myself shedding tears over a Kingston Trio song called “Real Old Style”…and then it hit me…

God is a giver..of life..of love…of experience….we think He’s up there waving a wand to make it all happen but He uses people….and then I realized that the circumstances of my life as I know it are the result of the influence of my Aunt Betsy….

Today is the ninth anniversary of her passing..and since I never miss a chance to be ponderous, I find myself in that state today…..and thankful…Oh sure, I mourn her like most do for late relatives…but when I think about what she did for me all those years ago….and how nine years after her passing, my life is still blessed having known her….I am amazed…

I have written a lot of blogs over the years of her influence when it comes to music…and also the trips to Duluth we would take…well, that music translated into Kingston Trio concerts…and meeting the members…and meeting fans…every year…and even this year, seeing them with my mother…for the first time…

So, it is because of her, I count down to Fantasy Camp…and have found a group of friends that feel like family…and ironically give me that connection to her that I was missing for years with her gone…

I am sitting in my wonderful apartment…on this cool, cloudy day..looking at my beautiful city…and seeing the result of all those road trips to Duluth when I was a child…as Betsy as our driver….and I see my bridge…my friends…my job (with great benefits including a retirement plan) and my awesome church…all of  that..because I fell in love with Duluth all those years ago…at her urging….

I recall the day of her memorial service…I thanked her for giving me music and Duluth….and at that moment I was only thinking of what I could see right in front of me…and not the results….and nine years later, I know the results…

It is interesting that to some death is an end with only memories collected for the living…but the impact of our lives ripples on long after we are gone…

I can’t weep for my Aunt’s passing any longer….she really isn’t gone…..she is here..every day I look out at my city….she is here every time I get a big bear hug from my Pastor…and her spirit floats in the music I listen to…and the gatherings of banjos and guitars I partake in every August….

I have had dear friends experience loss in the past year or so…and when that happens the rest of us are left to help them cope and figure out why…there may never be a reason as to why we lose someone but they are NEVER lost…we may not see the result of their influence in the midst of our grief but years down the down the road..we celebrate it…

So, I raise a glass of 7up in Betsy Scott’s honor today….she is home in Heaven..but she is here in my life…and I am grateful…

..and now…here’s some internet evidence of what she has given me:



…her favorite Kingston Trio song…at least her FIRST favorite Kingston Trio song….

my awesome hometown of Duluth, MN….

..and me singing John Stewart at Fantasy Camp last year:


..and an important part of my life is my fantastic church in Duluth….so here’s a promo for it..some pictures taken by me….and I’m in one of them..


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