Posted by: suek2001 | March 21, 2017

“Sing a song that you all know”

I am sitting in a hotspot at my Mom’s new apartment complex…a Senior high rise….perfect building in lots of ways….

So, this means I am down in Florida…in March…it’s a perfect time to is near perfection..although one serious side effect of Florida in season is traffic…I don’t drive but the traffic is insane…the level of cars with the endless road construction makes me long for the quaint travel issues of Duluth…

..and yet..all this is worth it because the Kingston Trio is/are here….


As frequent readers of my blog now, I love the Kingston Trio….and seeing them in Florida is a first for me…because I saw them with my Mom…I have seen them with friends..with fans..on my own…with my late Aunt..but never with my mother…

So, this was an experience…We got to our hotel about 5 hours before the show…so that gave us time to relax and watch the Tampa area news..and marvel at their world class reporters over the newbies they get to report the Fort Myers news…we stopped at a fast food place to get a bite to eat…and hailed a cab over to the theatre…

To call The Venice Little Theatre intimate, is not doing it justice….It felt like a club..but with about 500 seats or so…I think this is the smallest venue I had ever seen them on…As we went to pick up our tickets, I heard a familiar voice behind me…someone I knew from Fantasy Camp….we chatted for a bit..and then even hugged…

We made our way into the auditorium…our seats were about eight rows back…the seats were on a slope..and they were in an aggregated way…so no one could block anyone else…

The stage looked like it was set for a western musical…some local production…and then they took the stage…..and the songs rang out..I took no pics because my camera hates the dark..even with a flash…and an usher sat next to me the whole time….I also couldn’t hoot and holler..and yell out in affection for my banjo player…as Mom pleaded ” please don’t embarrass me”…

The crowd took a while to get into it…but once they did…the Trio fed off their joy and gave it right back…the show was so hot…to hilarious..and the banjo notes pitch perfect…it had to be one of the best shows I have been to in a long time…

..and because people want to know….here’s the set list:


Darling Corey

Sloop John B

Chilly Winds

Greenback Dollar

Shape of Things


La Migra

Desert Pete

They Call the Wind Mariah


New Frontier


Genny Glenn

Forever and a Day

Scotch and Soda

Tom Dooley

Worried Man

Where Have All the Flowers Gone



Some notes on performances..I don’t think I’ve ever seen them do Ballad of the Shape of Things live..outside of Camp…but this performance was crisp and tight….Mariah had great harmony…and watching Rick Dougherty tear into Genny Glenn is something that never gets old.. Scotch and Soda is a hard song for anyone but Bob Shane to sing but Bill Zorn did it well..and his guitar was amazing on it…and Paul Gabrielson let loose on the bass as well…The song “Everglades” is one they do whenever they are in Florida…a trip to hear…and that got everyone singing…and then Bill Zorn’s voice just nailed the song “Jasmine”…a tender song written by John Stewart…a song I requested…it reminds me of Fantasy Camp….and I wanted a taste in the midst of my trip..

There were moments of hilarity onstage…and off…and I won’t spoil them for those who haven’t seen them but I do urge all my loyal readers to attend a show…

My mom loved them and was blown away by the songs…and the comedy…and the part that warmed my heart was hearing her sing along…

We sat up  talking about the show..and watching Golden Girls reruns in our hotel room…

..and small moments like that will keep this night in my heart for a long time….




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