Posted by: suek2001 | December 30, 2016

“There is a reason the freezer is smaller than the fridge, Mother”…

I was going to write a deep and reflective note on the years comes to a close…but this year has been SO dark..and so tragic that words really can’t describe….

It reminds me of a time around 1996..My best friend had died the year before…my Grandmother died at the beginning of 1996…too much death to handle for I withdrew a bit…My Aunt did too….until… night…..

I was over at the Grandma’s house…..which it was now theirs….when we decided to watch a movie…Albert Brooks’midlife crisis comedy “Mother”…with Debbie Reynolds as the title character…Brooks had a shtick that I never cared for..grown man whining about never quite getting his way and blaming others for his own screw ups….This movie was a showcase for that…but the best part was Debbie Reynolds…She had a comedic touch…a dazzling smile and a way that brought lines that should have been given a chuckle a real shine of truth and joy…..

I recall one scene where Brooks was watching Debbie Reynolds pull container after container out of the small freezer over their refrigerator..built it seemed back in the early days of cutting edge kitchen appliances…Brooks said the following line as Debbie just smiled and pulled out tupperware after tupperware….with chunks of ice attached to each one…”Mother. there’s a reason they make the freezer smaller than the refrigerator….”

At that moment, I looked over to the couch that had been in Grandma’s living room for about 20 years…and saw my Aunt..(in Grandma’s spot, of course) spitting out her popcorn….and laughing…but the dry heave laugh….My Aunt was not one to laugh a lot…Her sense of humor was not that great..but to see her laugh so hard…and so, so long, it made me smile…I laughed too but Betsy would say that Grandma would do that with her food….

..and then this scene came on and Betsy totally lost it…


We all laughed at this…a long time too…and in a year of so much grief for our felt good to laugh….Debbie Reynolds gave us that laugh….and I never forgot it….

About a year or so later, Betsy called me to say “I have some leftovers for you..I know you can’t afford much so I am bringing some things over..Hope you can use them”…

I thought that she and Micheal went out a few times and gave me their leftovers from the week….I was wrong…I acquired about five different containers…most covered in ice…Betsy explained…she was cleaning out the freezer…and couldn’t identify half of the stuff in there..So, use or throw out whatever I needed…I reminded her of the movie and Betsy’s reply was “She was right you know..It’s never too late”….

So, no it’s never too late to appreciate a great talent like Debbie Reynolds…and Carrie Fisher too….and all the others we lost this year….

Grief will hit us but the gifts that our friends and the famous have given us will come back when we need them….and I am grateful for that…



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