Posted by: suek2001 | August 21, 2016

“…and oh here comes those songs once again”….

It’s been a few days since the Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp has ended…and I am still recovering…

In 2012, the year of my first Fantasy Camp, I was excited at the prospect of seeing The Kingston Trio every night I was there…..and they did not disappoint…

However, the last few years, I have grown to love watching my friends sing and play…It really is a special feeling hearing other people sing the songs you love so much….

I have been a fan of The Kingston Trio for close to 30 years…my first concert of theirs was almost 20 years ago….and if someone had told me that night, years later, I would be sitting around a room listening to people play “Genny Glen” or “MTA” or any number of songs with people from all across this land, I would not believe it…Not only do they sing along, but their passion for the music matches mine….

The Internet is a wonderful thing. If I hadn’t logged on to that computer in college, I might still be enjoying music on my own….and music is really a communal effort…There is joy to be found in that community….

Listening to so many people, young and old, play and sing gives me hope that the music will go forth….

I had the awesome pleasure of listening to a Kingston Trio-like act called The Lions Sons….One of the members is Nick Reynolds son…another is a cousin to Nick and the last one is a close friend of that family…

Seeing them perform in the KT’s trademark striped shirts….and hearing Josh Reynolds belt out “Tatooed Lady” almost made me weep….The first KT concert I attended was in June of 1997 in Minneapolis, Nick Reynolds was still touring with them at the time…and one of the songs he did was “Tatooed Lady”….My Aunt happened to be with me that night…I will never forget the look on her face, when they broke into that song…We couldn’t believe it…here we were..only a few rows from The Kingston Trio and Nick was belting out a song, we’d heard a hundred times out of my Aunt’s car stereo..It seemed surreal….


As the Lions Sons concert went on, they dazzled us with KT hit after hit….all done to a great perfection…and with a touch of awe and love by the performers…but the song that got to me wasn’t a Kingston Trio song…It was a John Stewart song…

Mike Marvin, one of the Lion Sons, explained that he used a John Stewart song in his movie “Hot Dog”….the song was called “Earth Rider”….(I’d post a link but couldn’t find one)…

The song propelled me back  about 14 years ago….My Aunt and I were doing a road trip from Minneapolis to Glenwood, MN…we were going to see The Kingston Trio…and on that trip, I introduced my Aunt to John Stewart…I still see us criss crossing farm country with that song blaring from her stereo..seeing her fingers tapping on the steering wheel..and smiling…She fell in love with John Stewart on that trip…and the remaining years of her life were filled with his music…and I do believe her outlook on life changed as a result…

So, there I was, listening to this group..made up of KT fans and lineage nail a John Stewart song that sent me into a time warp…and for a few moments, I felt my Aunt was with me…for it all….

Music has that power…and it takes a special kind of performer to accomplish that….I knew she was there…and I even felt a bit younger…..

There were more moments like that over the course of a week…hearing songs that my Aunt would have loved….and we sang to…all weekend..from The Kingston Trio…but mostly the Campers..and the jammers…

I send this blog out to the performers….These people practiced..gave their hearts…gave their joy.and left it all on the stage…and in the Suites…every note that I heard, filled me with joy..filled me with hope…and filled me with memories…

…and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you…for keeping the music alive….and for keeping the memories of those long gone, lingering still…





  1. Sue, that is beautiful Just beautiful. I am so glad you liked it, and especially Earth Rider. Love, Josh

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