Posted by: suek2001 | August 14, 2016

“Gonna ride that boat to the gloryland”

It is Sunday morning as I write this…and once again sleeps escapes me….It must mean I am at The Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp…

Every year I count down to this week.and every year, the week zips by….

As I write this, most of the members of the Kingston Trio are heading home…most of the Campers are heading home…..with another successful week in the books…

Every year, it gets harder and harder to blog about Camp..My love for this experience has not diminished but the spiritual nature of it has increased tenfold for me..that putting it into words seems futile….

This year had a theme of family…..Every year, it seems like there’s a theme of family but this year, it felt the strongest…

As most people know, out there in the real world..folk music is not that popular….There are pockets of acoustic music on the radio but the old folk songs of yesteryear seem to be fading from the airwaves…

So, this week feels like folk music rules the world…..on the stage and in the Suites….

So when we all get together, we want to celebrate the music of The Kingston Trio that moved so many of us…and yet, we celebrate each other…

I once wrote how the people I meet are a “family of friends”…

..a folkie fellowship, if you will….

This year, in the span of a week, we celebrated the return of a lady who has had her health issues….and gave emotional support to a gentleman battling ALS…..We dedicated the Camp to people who have passed away…and celebrated their memory in the Suites…

..and each show seemed to be a celebration of the performers…and the groups…and boy, did they wow the crowds…

One of the hallmarks of any Kingston Trio song is the harmony….and this year a lot of the Camper Trios nailed that harmony….

Some people think it’s the crazy banjo licks that draw people in….it really isn’’s that tight harmony….and I noticed that the members of the Kingston Trio didn’t hold back on their parts when singing with Campers, they sang right along..and found the harmonies that worked…and the audience was taken on a journey…..and when the Kingston Trio finally took the stage…they wowed…but it was almost like an encore to all the other performers…

The Campers really outdid themselves…and it must be because they care……they care about the music….they care about each other..they care about the audience….

Oh sure, there will be moments of hearing Bill Zorn do a great banjotastic version of Fast Freight in the Suites….and quiet conversations with George Grove…and laughter and running gags from various friends..but the Campers….their heart..their soul…their joy….

..that is what I will take with me in the coming days….

….only 344 days to Fantasy Camp!!!!!!




  1. Sue, you have truly captured the essence of “Camp.” Beautiful prose. And your own solo at “open mike” was wonderful. Thank you for these memories, recalled and sung. See you next year!–Wood

  2. Yep!

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