Posted by: suek2001 | August 4, 2016

A bridge too far?

Sometimes little moments create flashbacks for me….

I saw a woman today…older than I..wearing a tight fitting t-shirt….The Aerial Lift Bridge was emblazoned on the front….

I smiled….I love my Lift is the Duluthian landmark that people remember…..


Some might say I have an obsession with this bridge….Okay…I do..It speaks to me on some level……I can stare at it for an hour and it can put me in a trance…

When I was a little girl, I had that bridge on postcards..magnets..posters…t-shirts…..Come to think of it, I still have that bridge on all a key chain and a coffee mug….Some think if the bridge were a person , I would have married it…

“Sue, you are the only girl I know that has a crush on a structure”…said a friend years ago….

Recently, some friends started this “Spousal challenge” that required them to post pics of their husbands/wives…I was grateful I wasn’t I would have posted pics of me with my bridge…..

So, my memory was jogged by seeing that t-shirt this morning….I sighed…as I thought of the great looking body I had in my early 20’s..Mom would dread it when I would wear my Bridge t-shirts with pride..My chest was wonderfully ample and upright…Mom said that the bridge always looked like it was up…

The older I get, the more close to the water level it gets….I think about improving my body shape..make things skinnier….and certain areas gravity defying.but then I would be trapping myself in a time warp, I would need to get out of…

Besides, if I did all that to my body, how would anyone know I’ve been on a journey? Life is that after all…and I have the wrinkles to prove it….




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