Posted by: suek2001 | July 27, 2016

“..and here comes that longing again…”

I am celebrating 15 years of living in my dream city…Duluth, MN….

When I was a child, I grew up in Fort Myers, Florida…a world away….but I visited there often….and to keep the dream alive, I had posters and postcards up on my wall….and one in particular was my favorite…a picture of the Lift Bridge….I stared at it for hours on end….

When I became an adult…or at least pretended to be an adult..I went to college in Minneapolis….lived right in the heart of Downtown…nowhere near my dream city….and I still yearned to live in my dream city…

..and then, I saw it…on the side of a truck..of all things….

I was standing at a bus stop near the Target Center in Downtown Minneapolis..waiting to go to my retail job that wasn’t a career for me…when this bright blue truck came roaring by….Upper Lakes Foods…with a giant logo of a ship, lighthouse and my beloved Lift Bridge..all painted on the side of this truck….and my eyes followed that truck…and I knew, the dream never left me…

A few years later, I moved to my beloved city…..Now, I see the truck at least once a week as it unloads in parcels at a nearby nursing home….and I smile…for it fueled dreams….and then I wondered….

What fuels my dreams now? About five years ago, I wondered..what now? I have accomplished a long term goal of living here…and now what?

Should I seek out a mate?

Tried that on dating sites…and realized I’m in love with my music collection more than the current crop of single males…

Should I seek a writing career? Perhaps but part of the issue is I know I have a talent but am not sure what kind of writer I want to be…and to be a great writer, you need to know yourself first…and that is in the process of happening to me…

So, what do I do with my life now?

…and then four years ago, I found it….something to dream about..something to cherish..and something to experience…

The Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp…It is held in Scottsdale,AZ every year…and every year I go, I carry a bit of it with me in my soul….

I love music.and the older I get..the more I treasure it and love the memories of people  long gone from my life….and spending a week at a place where the music happens..friendships are made and a family is born makes me yearn for it every year…

So, now instead of being joyful when I see a random Lift Bridge logo…I get excited when I see someone  wearing a hawaiian shirt…or even a striped shirt….for that flashes me back to the time and place when the clothing is in style…I’ve even taken to wearing hawaiian shirts…although I know they don’t do a thing for me..I don’t care…they FEEL like Fantasy Camp…

Before I discovered Fantasy Camp, I would be entertained by seeing a banjo..but now I get downright excited by seeing one on TV….and then I can share that with my friends…

..and the hardest part is coming home from Camp and seeing men in hawaiian shirts and know they aren’t from Camp anymore..(I feel a bit weird going up to them and asking them if they’ve been to Fantasy Camp!)

So, I listen to the music…and countdown the months..weeks and days….and dream…..and listen to the John Stewart song that really reminds me of Fantasy Camp…that longing…to be with friends….to hear the music that was started so long ago by Dave Guard, Nick Reynolds and Bob Shane and continues through George Grove, Rick Dougherty, Bill Zorn and Paul Gabrielson….



..and for those who want more details of what the Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp is….

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