Posted by: suek2001 | July 1, 2016

“…and you will find true sadness”

I have been listening a lot to the Avett Brothers new release this week…so that’s where the title for this blog comes from…

I had big plans to write a grand, sweeping blog about something entirely different but it doesn’t seem right now…..My heart is too distracted..

I will go down memory lane though….all the way back to 2012….I’ll never forget it…someone offered to help me get to the Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp….I was elated..I could see the Kingston Trio…I could hear the music…Oh wait, I have to meet a bunch of people I have never met before…

What if I clam up and say not a word for a week?

What if I feel woefully out of place due to my lack of musical talent?

What if people have their own cliques and don’t let me in?

I was all set to let my deepest insecurities rob me of a great time…

I figured I would give it a shot and see what happens..if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t go back…

I will never forget…..walking into one of the hotel suites and seeing guys and guitars..and dobros..and banjos…..I felt like I was walking into a private party…

This one guy looked up at me and smiled….and we shook hands….and someone introduced us…The guy who reached for my hand was Ray Duffy…

With that one gesture, I knew this was crowd was different..This crowd would let me come in and watch them make some of the greatest music….

Ray would go on to fuel some of the greatest musical moments in the Suites…and in special performances…..He was so good at it but so much more, he was so welcoming….and that made all the difference to me….I would eventually meet others throughout my first Fantasy Camp..and each one would show me how great and loving this community of folkies can be…..and when I came home….that Camp feeling continued….Ray Duffy wanted to be my FB friend..and so did so many others….and that feeling is kept alive year round…

I write all this because my heart hurts at the passing of Ray Duffy this week…He was 68 years old…a week shy of his next birthday….heart attack….

Many more knew him on a musical level…on a friendship level…..than I ever did or could….but that smile and handshake changed my musical life….and I thank God every day that he did that…and so many others did the same that first Fantasy Camp…

Still, the sudden passing makes me wonder….did Ray know what a difference he made…to his friends…to his family…to his musical compadres?

Life is so damn short…..I’m close to 45 years old…I feel blessed by God every day for the friends and family I have….I wonder….do I tell them enough how much I love them? Do I bless others the way they all bless me?

My heart hurts at the loss of Ray Duffy…..and Fantasy Camp will not be the same….as John Donne so famously said, “Every man’s death diminishes me”..

Fantasy Camp will go on…but each time we lose someone from that family ,we change a bit…and we try to move forward….

I close this blog with a video clip….Ray was a fantastic performer……and while this clip took place a few years before my first Fantasy Camp, it is worth noting that he holds his own with the powerful musical force they call Josh White, JR…

Ray…your memory…your music..will live on…thank you…thank you….thank you…for sharing your incredible gift…and your giving spirit with all of us…





  1. Very nice tribute Suzy.

  2. Thank You, Sue. Ray will be missed by many.

  3. I never knew him Sue, but you write about him in such a way that i wish I had. Quite wonderful.

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