Posted by: suek2001 | June 29, 2016

She’s always a woman….

I just came back from the movie theater…and saw a special presentation of Mystery Science Theater….They were doing a live concert in Minneapolis and movie theaters across the country were showing it via satellite…

I will admit that is the first time in years, I have laughed that hard in a movie theater…Movies have just not been a good investment to me…as of late…

So, the cast of the show did comedic riffs on educational short films…old ones from the 50’s…and some through the 70’s….there was a random Conway Twitty reference that made me laugh so hard that I fell out of my chair…

The thing that got me was the 50’s short films…..there was one about barber shops and hairstylists….The narrator was male….and made comments about how “all women want to be attractive…and they spend hours making themselves look good”….

I was really annoyed at that whole short….it was incredibly sexist…and extremely shallow…but it made me glad that I live in the age I do….

After watching that film, I realized…the narrator was male…the writer was male..and I’m betting that the cultivator of those educational films were men…

So, it’s no wonder that those female creatures added nothing to conversations except how wonderful their NEW kitchen appliances were….

Male stand up comics have been riffing on not understanding women for years….Mel Gibson gave us “What Women Want”  as a way for guys to finally  “get” women…..and really all it was was more stereotypes… Madison Avenue still thinks all women worry about is “having it all”…the work…the kids…the husband…the house…and the car…..

Yet, they still don’t get it..How many women run ad agencies? How many women run movie studios? Very few…so the stereotypes of women still continue….

This year a woman is running for president….and yet, we still don’t have a female late night talk show host on a broadcast network….and we wonder why colleges have a date-rape crisis…look closely at the administration of most of the top universities…How many women are there?

Let me be clear, this is NOT a male-bashing thing…I value the men I know and trust in so many ways…..I will not diminish their works..their talents..or their dreams to advance this agenda…..

However, it is time that women  make some advances in careers…and being judged not by “having it all” but by “doing it all” without asking the question that no one ever asks a man…”How does she do it?”

It is interesting that women on the left side of the political spectrum are cheering the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion…..when they should be looking around them and seeing that women in leadership is still  a rare thing….

I will conclude that even women can be sexist to other women….Today, the world mourned one of the winningest basketball coaches in US history…Pat Summit passed away…She took her Tennessee Vols to the championships so many times…and won so many championships…and yet, I heard a few female reporters have to say “..and as a woman”….and I would want to ask, when some great male coach passes away, will there be a qualifier that says..”..and as a man”…

With this whole “gender neutral” movement becoming a thing now, can we dispense with the qualifiers in reporting about women?

Helen Reddy’s anthem “I Am Woman” came out more than 40 years ago….and we are still waiting for the rest of society to hear us roar…One day, they will….




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