Posted by: suek2001 | February 18, 2016

Listen to the hymn in the high school gym….

I read the news today..oh..boy….

A local lutheran church burned down last night….and I mourn…..I am not Lutheran…I am Pentecostal but I know what it means to view church as home…

Churches serve a purpose…they can lift up and heal a community…and even if I never set foot inside that building, it still means something to me…

It means something because it is apart of the neighborhood…and no matter what can being going on in my life, when I see a reminds me to always keep a space in my heart open for God…a holy space….as churches are….

I ache for the people of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church..They have lost their port in the storm..They have lost not just possessions..and the beauty of that building but something that connects them to each other…

I have no idea if they will rebuild but I hope they do…We all need our families..and this is an important anchor to every family…

I will close my blog with a song that gave me hope during trials of trying to find a church..and the opening line means so much…Written by John Stewart…the song is called “Road Shines Bright”….and I send it out to the people of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church:


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