Posted by: suek2001 | February 1, 2016

Remember one thing in life..any one thing….

I was blessed with a copy of a DVD collection on Friday…I have spent the whole weekend watching performances from the 2015 Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp…

..and one image struck me…..Bob Shane standing on stage singing “Scotch And Soda”..with a beautiful guitar…wearing a really nice Hawaiian shirt…

Bob Shane is the sole surviving member of The Kingston Trio..his birthday is tomorrow…so, I was thinking of him..I’ve written about his cultural impact..and also on me…here:


This won’t be a rehash of that blog…as I am not one to repeat things I’ve written but watching Bob Shane take the stage and sing his biggest hit, got me to wondering….

So, many modern performers go onstage in elaborate costumes…or elaborate sets…and here’s a guy…over 80 years old..that can take the stage with confidence and vitality and knock it out of the park…..each time..

Mr. Shane has nothing left to he has lived through so much,,and done so much…and still, wants to sing for the people..

His determination to NOT let the legacy of the Kingston Trio die in 1967…as they broke up…really needs to be appreciated….

His career has given exposure to the banjo stylings of Jim Connor ( a launchpad for a successful sideman for John Denver..and songwriter)….given great studio and club musicians like George Grove and Roger Gambill..their time to shine and dazzle the fans with their impeccable harmonies and playing…and given the current group of Grove, Bill Zorn and Rick Dougherty their chance to make their marks on musical history with one of the greatest folk albums of the last 30 years…Born At the Right Time….

(my blog review here: )

..and every summer he continues that with the help and guidance of his lovely better half, Bobbie Childress to continue the legacy of the Kingston Trio by managing the Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp…a place where music is made..friendships are born and dreams are realized and lives are changed..

(and another blog plug here :

It is an amazing legacy…and it still goes on…

One final word on Mr. Shane..and I noticed this while I was watching the DVD…The man wears the hawaiian shirt like no one else I know…I have several hawaiian shirts that give me a bit of color but look rather weird on me..and some guys try to wear them but can’t pull off the confidence to wear them..Plenty of people wear then at Fantasy Camp..and even the Kingston Trio wear them but no one can pull it off like Mr. Shane.

He is from Hawaii so maybe that plays a role. I can’t say for sure but the swagger..the feel…it just feels right when worn by Mr. Bob Shane…

Check out this image and decide:

(Image courtesy of Paul Rybolt-website:


Whatever the man wears, he brings his experience, talent and joy to whatever he does….and whenever the Kingston Trio take the stage, we are all in his debt…


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MR. SHANE…May your day be filled with friendship..laughter..and great memories..all gifts you have given to us…






  1. Nice piece of writing and, a nice tribute to my old friend and boss Bob Shane.
    I spent time with the Trio during the 25th Anniversary tour/TV special and Xeres Records recording period.
    I’ve known Bob for close to 50 years now, and there’s not a finer man, more loyal man on the planet.
    Lots of stories to tell..or take to the grave!

    Tomm Rivers

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