Posted by: suek2001 | January 17, 2016

Will we live united?

I’ve been mulling this over for awhile now…as writing about either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz does not appeal to me but Cruz’s statement that “Trump has New York values”…as if that’s some sort of slur, angered me..

Granted, I live in a medium town in NE Minnesota..I love where I live..and yes, big cities fascinated me at one point….Still, the medium town life is more my  speed…

Minneapolis is where I was born and spent most of my summers..the character of that town is changing…immigration and opportunistic developers are reshaping the town into something I don’t recognize..Is it better than before? Is it worse than before? I don’t know…we shall see in about 20 years…

Still, New York has given us a lot to be thankful for….and the spirit of that city became the spirit of America after 9/11…

So, I’m not sure what New York values mean to Ted Cruz? Love of money?  Maybe…Still, after the long lines for Powerball this week, it looks like love of money is really an All-American value….Arrogance? Maybe, but I see some pretty arrogant comments from all over the nation on my Facebook wall…and in comments on news articles…Liberal views on social issues?

Again, gay marriage is legal in all 50 states…..agree or not, it is…..Last time I checked abortion is still legal and Planned Parenthood is still funded….and those decisions come from our nation’s capitol? So, if Cruz has issues with “New York Values”, why is he not taking issue with the rest of the USA?

..and to my way of thinking, saying that you didn’t disclose money raised to the Federal Election Commission, is “bad paperwork”? Sounds like you already have Washington DC values , Mr Cruz…

So, again..another politician tries to divide the electorate…and in that division, he can gain and remain in power. I have no idea who I would vote for but I do think we need a leader that sees all aspects of American life and cities as something worth celebrating….

It does not benefit our nation one bit by tearing down each other…It does not move us forward by saying “your ideas are not welcome”…

For when you start saying one area of our great nation is “less than” another, then you are no patriot of this great nation…there’s a reason, it’s not called America but The United States of America….

Every citizen in every town has value…and it’s up to us to show up this November and remind those who would demean any one of us, that we say no more….



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