Posted by: suek2001 | January 16, 2016

Well Done Pete…Well Done…

There’s been a quite a few people that passed away this week…the guy from Grizzly Adams…the bad guy from Die Hard…..and Ziggy Stardust AKA David Bowie…..

All have their place…and all have their fans..but there’s one name we lost that really hurts…Pete Huttlinger….

Now, some may ask “Who is Pete?”..Well, Pete was a great guitarist…and if you want more info on him, check out the official website for him:


For me though…he will always be the guitarist that made John Denver shine….His guitar work just sparkled John’s last recordings…like this one on John’s last album , “All Aboard”:



…and then there’s this awesome acoustic cover of Superstition:




He had an awesome gift that cannot  be denied….and to lose that gift really saddens me..more than any other passing this week..

Pete toured with John Denver in the 90’s..I saw him with John in 1993…and the full band seemed to have a groove all their own..and John seemed to have undeniable chemistry with them…

Pete would mourn John’s death with various tributes…and he was great in answering fan questions…as he answered one of mine about John’s guitars…

Sidemen are more than just names….if you love an artist, they become like family…so to lose Pete….just hurts..I’m sure his family is in mourning..but fans of great guitar are weeping too…

One of Pete’s great projects was an instrumental album of hymns for the guitar…

I am simply believing he is playing is right to that other John Denver guitarist we lost a few years ago..Mike Taylor…



Rest in Peace, Pete….and thanks for the music..


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