Posted by: suek2001 | January 14, 2016

If I had a million dollars, I’d be rich….

As I write this, the Powerball drawing is about 90 minutes away….

..and yes, I bought a ticket…actually five tickets…with the intention of giving any winnings to my Mom…

..not that I have any realistic chance of winning..but the temptation of a large sum of money was too much to pass up…

I recall reading a column years ago by Bob Greene…He wrote a great piece on why playing the lottery is now America’s Dream…or the new dream…wealth without much effort…and in our mania to buy into the new dream, we are saying the old American dream of working hard to own a home..or not the way things are done anymore…

….or as John Stewart once put it:

—–“I remember America, and I remember my home…that any working man would proudly say, it was something that he owned”…….

..and no matter how secure we are in our lives, we all have dreams unfulfilled….and lavish spending fantasies that we want to indulge…I have a few….one of them is to upgrade to “commercial free” Hulu Plus….and maybe sign up for Sling TV..NFL Sunday Ticket…and maybe even Amazon Prime…but I don’t want to get too crazy..:-)

Tonight, in church I started thinking about all the things money can’t buy….It is interesting list:

  1. A hug..a real, sincere hug.
  2.  The way the water of Lake Superior turns that deep blue on a sunny afternoon..
  3. Hearing my Mom laugh at one of my sarcastic jokes…
  4. A relationship with God that is allowed to be as complex as it can be…with fights..make ups..and just plain wonderment..
  5. The sensation of hearing a song I  like…and feeling it to my shakes me and moves me to cry out in laughter over a memory….
  6. Freedom to move about of my own free be without pain or shackles and to be able to walk around without needing assistance..
  7. Acceptance from a peer group..Now, I know this seems counter intuitive but there’s a blessing here..

–Let me explain further….Acceptance from others without compromising who I am..or who I long to be….I don’t believe we were meant to be alone..or feel like an outcast…If you choose a life of solitude and that brings you peace, than go for..that’s a path for you to take but for a lot of us, all we want all our lives to be accepted..because within that, we realize we have an impact on others…and that makes us feel like we do belong on this great planet of ours…

I am so blessed that I have been accepted by two main peer groups in my life…My Church family….they love me for my weirdness..for my passion for God…and for the joy I do bring….They only ask that I pursue God’s will for my life…and I do..and whatever happens, they love me anyway….It’s taken me a LONG time to find love like that..and after nine years, I still am amazed at how blessed I am by this fellowship…

The other peer group that I have been accepted by is my friends from Fantasy Camp…The first couple years, I wondered if they tolerated me or allowed me in to their fellowship so they can feel better about themselves for letting a weirdo in to their lives…Now, I know they love me..and embrace my weirdness…and look forward to more…They tease me about my random taste on Kingston Trio songs…or my never ending crush on George Grove….but they welcome me into their world..on Facebook..and in the Suites…..and for that I am forever grateful…

Money cannot buy acceptance like that….Oh sure, I may have a whole new realm of friends with a billion dollars…but none of them will be as real to me as my church and my family of friends through the music I love…

So, the chances are great I won’t win the PowerBall tonight…or ever in my life….and I really won’t need to….for I have a deep sense of gratitude for the life I’ve lived so far….and the friends along the way…






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