Posted by: suek2001 | December 17, 2015

“I’m younger than that now”…

I received a piece of mail yesterday….and it sent me on a trip down memory lane….

It was late summer..1989..September 2nd, 1989 to be exact…My 18th birthday….My big wish of what to do on my birthday was granted..

Did I want a big party with all my friends? No

Did I want to go on an all-night orgy? No

I wanted to go to Sarasota with my Mom…So, we went to Sarasota…a fantastic community about 80 miles north of Fort Myers..where I was living at the time…

We stopped at my favorite Amish Restaurant…and then went to my favorite beach..Lido Key…..

While we were in the warm, clear waters, Mom and I thanked God for the blessings in our lives..and that I had made it to my 18th birthday..( I was born with a lot of birth defects)…

So, we asked God for a special gift…Let us see a dolphin…not a football player but the animal..I can still hear Mom pray as she grabbed my hand…and when we opened our eyes, a school of dolphins began playing nearby…

Surely, this was the COOLEST birthday ever…in all my 18 years….

After the beach, we drove around to look for open houses..for condo’s..gated communities…stuff like intention of buying..just a chance to glimpse how the other half lives…

We came upon a beautiful building with some great landscaping…and a big sign that said “Grand Opening”..Mom pulled the car in…and we both laughed as we were about to get out of the car….

The sign read “Retirement Community”….I looked at Mom and said “Are you trying to put me in a home? I just turned 18?”

Mom smiled and said “Well..yeah..preventative measure”…

We laughed about that for a good , long time…

Then I received a piece of mail yesterday….It read:

“Peace of Mind

Easy as I,2,3

Complete the Other Side of this Card

Return Card in SASE

Receive the Final Expense Plan Info”


I flipped the card over..confused as to what in the world this was…and in big, bold letters it said:




I just  received my first piece of mail aimed at the Senior Citizen in me….I just turned 44….They’re starting early…

It’s bad enough I’m starting the “hot flashes”..phase of para-menopause..and that my musical knowledge is slipping away..but does it have to be there in black and white?

Aging is a number..I understand that…I have no problem in growing old. I just don’t want to do that alone…

…and if I do get mail for the oldster in me, can it least be an application for an over 50 dating service?

You know…something useful?  FB already does that to me now…

..written about here:

I am not complaining about this latest reminder..I just find it slightly amusing at my youthful, Target demographic age of 44…

It makes me hum that Dylan cover song the Byrd’s did….now what was it called? Oh yeah…I remember it now:



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