Posted by: suek2001 | December 8, 2015

What that bullet took away…

It’s December 8th again….and for music fans old enough to remember, it still hurts all these years later…

John Lennon was shot and killed 35 years ago….I recall waking  up to my Mom staring at the TV “They shot him? Why did they shoot him?”

..and then seeing people singing “All We Are Saying is Give Peace a Chance”…

I will admit that I am not a strong Lennon fan..His lyrics had more anger than hope..and Imagine is way overplayed…but his musical legacy is a strong one..and NO ONE deserves to be shot to death in front of their front of their home…

With all the pieces that will be written about that tragic day, there is one sad fact that most will probably ignore….Lennon never got the chance to mature…never got the chance to grow up…

He was 40 years old….and in my opinion, that’s about when you start really living…as an adult…

The fact that I am older than John Lennon astounds me…I have lived a good life…and made some mistakes….and grew from them….

I think the hardest part of Lennon not being allowed to grow old is that it took away a chance for him to become the father he never really had…and didn’t get a chance to be.

He ignored and belittled his first child, Julian…and was robbed on being a great father to Sean….

Forty, is an interesting age…I felt like I was still young but old enough to see things clearer..old enough to see where I screwed up and try to make amends…

Growing up is a doesn’t happen when you turn 18 or 21..or graduate from some form of school…It’s all wrapped up in the wisdom you gain….

John missed out on that…Some may say that his activism gave him wisdom…it may have but it didn’t give him context….

So, on this day…I think of what was taken from him…and I think of how we never really know how much time we do have….

..and I think most of all, of Julian Lennon….a kid that was disregarded by his father…yet still managed to turn out to be a decent guy….and a great musician…

He wrote one of my favorite recent songs….so instead of playing a John Lennon tune, I will share a Julian Lennon tune that really IS the Lennon legacy:




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