Posted by: suek2001 | October 28, 2015

The blessing and the challenge of great friends…

I spent the day with a friend of mine…Her name is Jane….She is one of the most incredible people…and I firmly believe that if more of Christ-followers acted like her, the world would be a different place….

She has an amazing testimony…and she preached on it awhile ago…If you need some encouragement, listen to this:

I will say this….I have been feeling challenged in my faith lately…not a faith in God but my faith in how I walk with God….there are times I feel more worldly than I should…

Jane reminds me of who I should strive for….She would be the first to tell you she has her struggles…and I know some great people that have great faith…and they struggle too…

As Jane put it tonight, ” we are all works in progress”…

So, the message I am getting from the Spirit is to keep moving forward…Keep believing in God..Keep seeing myself walk with God…and through Him, I can overcome the dark edges within me…

I can be a shining light of God’s awesome grace….I can be a testimony to what God can do and how He can bless…Yes, I will screw up..Yes, I will be an idiot and worldly at times but I must remember how much God loves me..and wants me to share it with others…

Now, I know the term “Bible Thumper” gets thrown around a lot by those who seek to denigrate Christians…I have never thumped a Bible in my life…and I graduated from Bible College….I am not one to quote Scripture….I know that Godly wisdom and worldly ways are at odds with each other…and truth be told, I can never look someone in the eye and say “You’re going to Hell if you don’t repent”…

I can’t make that judgement…I judge people…it’s true…and it’s a horribly human thing to do..but I have never told anyone “they are going to hell”…Had it said once too often to me when I was teenager..(apparently, listening to John Denver music was going to send me to hell, according to a youth pastor..never listened and still don’t believe that)..

I think having an encouraging spirit is where my ministry is…and Jane reminded me..She reminded me of the path I need to take..and she helped me to see that my life is bigger than all my mistakes…all my idiocy..all my darkness…God is bigger than ALL that….

I love her for that…and pray a blessing upon her….

I think I want to try to be a preacher of the word….a bit more..maybe write more in this blog….or maybe just SHUT UP once in awhile….

St. Francis of Assisi supposedly had a saying:

“Always preach the gospel, use words when necessary”…

Jane is a great example of that….and I want to be that too…


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