Posted by: suek2001 | October 15, 2015

“Coming Home To a Place He’d Never Been Before..”

I have been thinking a lot about John Denver recently..It’s that time of year…and I think one of the things I owe him is a thank you…

I know he’s been gone for 18 years but his musical impact on my life continues long after his death…

My faith has always been a strong, Pentecostal view of God…and in that, I don’t go into some of the more New Age perceptions of the’s healing magic and other esoterica….

John’s music was heavily influenced by “est” and other Buddhist and Far Eastern philosophies…Yet..his music had a bedrock of Western views of God as well..

The one area of faith that John Denver influenced me was in the spiritual connection to home…and to feeling the move of the Spirit on this planet…

It’s more than just being out in the woods’s about a connection that touches deeply..wherever you are…and only your soul will know where that connection is…

John’s life..his music and his work are all about that connection….and that opening line from “Rocky Mountain High” really resonates with me..'”He was born in the summer of his 27th year, coming home to place he’d never been before”..

John was blessed..He got it..He got that connection…I recall writing in my journal in high school about how Duluth, MN was home…and I was living in Florida at the time..

I recall my teacher wrote in the margins “Home is not just a place Sue, but it’s also the people you know”…

I wanted to debate her on that point but then I realized..she probably wouldn’t get it…

John was shy..and from all accounts had trouble connecting to people..without his guitar..especially in those early years….and as someone who never fit in, I understood…

Nature is a best friend…because it is always there…The Native population understands that better than most…It’s not just a worship of nature, it’s a trust in it…Humans will betray you..they will break you sometimes but the streams and the lakes and the skies rarely ever break you…unless you’re in an extreme weather pattern…and if we keep treating the Earth like it’s our natural garbage dump, we will keep seeing these patterns..

So, that’s why the connection to where you are is important…It is a calling from God to love the temporary home you are given…

I have met people that seem to move from place to place and don’t see or want to feel the connection to their home….I cannot fathom what that is like…

I cannot fathom how not to look at my beautiful city of Duluth, Minnesota and not thank God for calling me here…

John wrote so often of his connection to the land…to the air…and to the sea….In that connection, he implored us to take care of the Earth..and each other…

It’s been 18 years since his passing..and that voice is missing…It’s up to us that know that feel that connection to keep spreading the word..

Home is where the heart’s true but the soul connected to the land is a rich soul indeed….

Thank you John Denver..for that message…

…..and because this blog cries out for a song to end it with, I shall end with my favorite John Denver song of all time:

Stonehaven Sunset:



  1. Hi Sue,

    I read your posting on the John Denver Friends Facebook page, and I thought I would share the lyrics of a song I wrote in 1990. I taught myself to play guitar on John Denver music, and he has had a real influence on the songs I write. My song is called Home is where the heart is.

    Home Is Where The Heart Is
    Words and Music by Rick Legg

    Home is where the heart is,
    This I clearly see.
    It’s something like those winter snows,
    Floating through the trees,
    Firesides and lullabies,
    And, drifting off to sleep.
    Home is where the heart is,
    When you’re here with me.

    Home is where the heart is,
    It makes me want to sing,
    It’s something like those winter snows,
    Giving way to spring.
    I’ll climb upon a mountaintop
    And look across the sea,
    Home is where the heart is,
    When you’re here with me.

    Maple leaves floating to the street,
    With kites upon the wind.
    I’ll dream of where I’m going to,
    And thoughts of where I’ve been.


    There’s maple leaves floating to the street,
    With kites upon the wind.
    There’s dreams of where I’m going to,
    With thoughts of where I’ve been.

    But home is where the heart is,
    This I truly know.
    It lives in every one of us,
    No matter where we go.
    Those lullabies and sweet goodbyes,
    Sad though they may be.
    Home is where the heart is,
    When you’re here with me.

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