Posted by: suek2001 | September 17, 2015

“Are they not some dear mother’s child, are they not you and I?”

It’s an interesting time to be alive in this nation….We have fires..floods…and windbags running for president…

We also have a lot to be thankful for….as I type this..I hear the noise of nearby construction..and traffic running down the street…I don’t hear bombs falling or people screaming in terror…My home is mostly at peace…

It is a true blessing that I was born in Minneapolis….I cannot fathom being born in a foreign land…where medical help is a day’s walk..and food and water are only dreams to some…

I never take that for granted…Yet, my heart hurts for the Syrian refugees…There but for the mighty grace of God, go I….Their lives have been disrupted..their homes have been destroyed…choices they did not make but others made for them….by the so many different factions…

I will not get into the politics of what is going on in Syria..but I will ask for compassion on those displaced…

(the following is from a Pentecostal Christian perspective)..

My faith in God colors my reaction to this crisis..As conservative as I am in my views of government spending, my Christianity comes first in how I see things…

These people need help…They need prayers…they need something…they do not need people to assign blame for terrorism…they do not need a sweeping judgement of their motives for their actions..

I understand 9/11 made us suspicious of people…I understand that terrorism is a real threat…but when my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ post things to Facebook about how we must say NO to the refugees…It fills me with anger..and sadness…

We are living in the last days…The Bible says that hearts of men will grow cold..I always thought that was a reference to those outside the saving knowledge of Christ….Apparently, it is not…

I hear the arguments against letting the refugees in…What if Texas and other states felt that way about those fleeing the damage from Katrina?  What if Texas closed it’s state borders?

Fires are raging in California…..Flooding is drowning Utah…those people have nowhere to go….Will Arkansas not allow people from Utah to come to their state for help because they are Mormon? Will Nevada and Arizona not allow people from the Golden State to flee those fires because they might “leech off the system”?

Probably not…and yet, we fear…Christians fear these refugees coming to America…They fear the drain on our social systems…They fear their taxes going up…They fear another terrorist attack…

I want to cry out to them “Why do you fear?”

The Bible is full of references to not being afraid…to helping others…and especially, “when you’ve done it unto the least of these, you’ve done it unto me”.

Jesus paid the price for ALL of us on the Cross..all those years ago..His love is NOT just for those that accept Him..He loves all of those that have no knowledge of Him.

I serve an almighty, awesome God…I know He can change lives for the better..I know He can help these refugees..It is time we, as Christians ACT like it..Prayer works but so does putting your money where your mouth is…

One of the arguments is that the government has no more to give…That may be true but we shouldn’t wait for the government to do the work we SHOULD be doing..

Another argument, I have heard is that we should spend money on vets here at home…and not on foreigners…

Okay.what’s stopping you? You make the time to volunteer to help a vet…You make the time to donate money to causes…It is time we STOP waiting for the FEDS to do  what is right…

We are children of God. We are children of a risen Savior…His greatest commandment was to Love One Another….no qualifiers in that statement..Love one another…

If you want to help these refugees, here’s where to start:

Samaritan’s Purse:


Doctors Without Borders:


For homeless Vets:


..and the wounded warriors:


It is time we step out in faith….and believe that no matter what we give or to whom, God will bless the giftee ten fold and return it back to us..but we shouldn’t give just to get back..We should do it because it is the right thing to do….

The time is short…and we need to STEP UP and be the the hands…be the feet…of Christ here on Earth…and we cannot be that with suspicion and fear…

I will close with a song that John Denver wrote in 1986…It starts out with a prayer of thanks…and segues into a narrative about refugees…Part of the lyric is used as this blog title…Listen to it and let it move you….May God have mercy on us…and the least of these..





  1. The only thing that haunts me is that members of Isis may be slipping through with the refugees.

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