Posted by: suek2001 | August 29, 2015

“It’s time we stop..children..what’s that sound…everybody looks what’s going down”

Reading of the shooting of a reporter and cameraman on live TV in Roanoke..hurts my heart..I recall all my TV classes in college..I recall all the lectures and such on how to set up a live composition..and getting all the “supers” right but nowhere in my education, was there any instruction on how to deal with a gunman live on the air….

These people were just doing their jobs..they got up and went to work..they were talking about tourism..bringing a glimpse of life to the locals and visitors…

I can see maybe losing your life on some battlefield but losing your life in a shopping mall near Roanoke Virginia for a local news story?

Come on..what is going on?

Why is violence such an EASY route to take?

One of the reports said the station made no secret of where they do their live shots…they may now…and that changes the business…

It changes how the reporters do their changed how we all get access to the press…and it infringes on their First Amendment rights to broadcast the truth..and the people’s right to assemble… We need a serious discussion about the media..public safety..and the lives of these three people..the reporter..the cameraman…and the woman who was being interviewed about tourism…

(I wrote the above paragraphs in the hours after the shooting on FB-so the rest is a bit more reflective)..

There are new details about the gunman..whose name I won’t seems he had anger issues..and took it out on his co-workers….and one of his posts was about people going to Human Resources on him….

I thought about that..i work in a place that has office politics..gossip and backbiting are a part of any office one is a saint and we all have a bit of the sinner in us…Our jobs can turn us into people we wouldn’t want to hang out with otherwise…but the mere fact that by going to HR put a mark on the head’s of one of these shootings victims is a scary thought…

I have had my issues with my job..with co-workers..with supervisors but in the very corners of my brain, I would never think of buying a gun and killing anyone…

The reason is not just that I tend to value life..others as well as my own..It’s that I have friends, family and a faith that reassures me that I am loved..

My life is outside of work…I don’t let whatever goes on within those workplace walls define me…My job is the means by which I can enjoy the life outside..

I understand that journalism is an immersive profession..Most that do it, fo it for the love of the job..but looking at the lives of these people gunned down, they had lives outside of their jobs…

The reporter was in love with an anchor at the station..the photographer was engaged to someone in the control booth…It may have been within the walls of work but their partners saw them for who they are.

In all the reports of the shooter, no family or friends spoke up for him..No one spoke of hanging out with him at a game or seeing him at a church or wedding or anything..He seemed to live his life by others expectations…and that’s a dangerous path to lead…

I do hope that this shooting causes us to examine the root of workplace violence..and the role that social media played in it…

My heart hurts for those who lost their lives that day…and my prayers are with Vicki Gardner who’s recovery will be an ongoing process….

May God help us all…



  1. “My life is outside of work…”

    I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. Your work is part of your life, not divorced from it.

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