Posted by: suek2001 | August 15, 2015

Straight outta Wha-huh?

There’s a new movie opening this weekend…it’s called “Straight Outta Compton”..the story of an pioneering rap group called NWA…

I will not spell out what the initials stand for but their music was and perhaps still is, a force for certain segments to speak out against injustice..or perceived persecution from the police…

Their biggest song is a rather strong statement against the police…

Now, I am not a fan of rap music…I like some..but the so-called “gangsta rap” never reached me..It didn’t really need to..

I was a white female living with my Mom and loving God…and NONE of that appears in their lyrics….and rap has undergone a transformation into hip-hop with lyrics about drugs..girls..violence and teeth..both on cars and on people..

Again, none of that reaches me..and I know a lot of my older friends have a negative view of rap..

I recall hearing that RAP actually is short for “Rhythm and Poetry” which makes me wonder if “Baby Got Back”…will be a part of an ancient poetry class someday…

I do not begrudge those that rap..If you are giving yourself a voice for the voiceless..or giving the world your personality through words..than more power to you…All I ask is that rappers..rap on the beat…There is nothing worse than a rapper who thinks his/her rhymes are clever and yet they can’t find the beat with an AK47 pointed at them..Just..give up…if that’s the case..Try being a poet…at least that doesn’t require a drum machine…

To me, Eminem is the best there is..His songs,although filled with foul language, have stories to tell..anger to overcome and victories over darkness to cherish…There is no one like him…and I will defend his career to any detractor ’till my dying day..

So, why am I thinking about rap music? Well, there’s a trend now that the marketing department of “Straight Outta Compton” came up with..Putting your face and location into the “Straight Outta” poster..and I thought I would try it…

I wound up coming up with my own rap too…I’ve only written one other rap in my life…as part of a Christian youth group thing back in the late 80’s..I still cringe when I think about it…

Here it was:

“my name is Sue

How Do you Do?

I’m doing Fine

‘cuz Jesus is mine”…

It wasn’t untill years later that I realized I stole the first two lines from that hideous song “A Boy Named Sue”…but asking a young, white, folk music fan to write a get what you get…

So, it’s about 30 years later and this Facebook Meme challenge is posted…and out of nowhere comes this rap…and I am guessing, it can’t be melded to a beat…It was just a lark..and I found it greatly amusing..but rest assured, I shall still stick with regular writing..

Alas..I don’t think there’s a market for an over 40-something chunky white girl from NE Minnesota rapping about banjo players and bridges..So..enjoy:

I Take you out back

Show you my bucket hat
We’ll tune up some banjo
and see where that goes
We’ll tune a guitar
and you’ll see I’m a star
Folkies don’t play games
We know all the play-a’s names
Strings might break or picks get lost
We’ll keep playing, no matter the cost..
We love the music like no other
..and that’s a word you take to your Mother!
–Peace and Pluck out
(drops mic)


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