Posted by: suek2001 | July 7, 2015

“We had a lot of happy days”–Jerry Weintraub

I cannot believe I am writing a tribute to Jerry Weintraub…As a die-hard John Denver fan, I know that name..and most know the fractured relationship between the two lasted untill John’s untimely death in 1997..

Jerry Weintraub was John Denver’s manager…a powerhouse of a guy who took the simple purity of John Denver and packaged him into something that was embraced worldwide.

For me, that’s a love-detest thing…I am glad that John Denver got the noteriety and the specials and the fame he received in the 70’s..

It ,made his music..his face..and “Far Out” a part of the culture…but in the long term, it did more damage to John as an artist…

How can you take someone seriously when all they can say is “Golly..Far out”..and dance some crazy dances? Those specials are fun to watch but for a lot of us, it’s a disconnect from the music we love..Sure, Rocky Mountain High..Annie’s Song and so many other hits were featured on specials but we all knew there was something deep and profound at work in John’s music…it was always there but the package of “John Denver” outshone the music..and that is a true shame..for even today too many people mock John..musically and personally..

John was not an innocent..he knew what Jerry was selling..and he went with it…Still, I’m sure in his mind..those goofy specials and “aw shucks” persona were what would draw him to the music…

John and Jerry would part ways over money…as that’s usually what happens in the world of show business..Money is owed or missing and expectations fall short on both sides…

Jerry would go on to be a producer in movies..and John would continue in music,albeit less successfully…

(Sidenote, I will thank Weintraub for the Oceans Series..they are amazingly fun..and putting George Clooney in tux is always a winning way to my heart!)

In 1994, John’s autobiography mentions Jerry and it’s not that favorable but John also wrote that Jerry would have his say one day…

When John passed away, Jerry was there to remind people of the “good old days”…and a lot of us knew that Jerry was searching for a bit of John’s glory…The truth is..whether we want to admit or not, he earned some of it..

It’s a funny you get older..the people that angered you twenty years ago, don’t anger you much anymore…Jerry seemed to move past the fact that he was fired by John..

John didn’t get the chance to make least not on a public level…

So, where does that leave the legacy of Jerry Weintraub when it comes to John Denver? It’s still complex… most relationships are…

I can pass judgement on Jerry for the kind of person he is..but in the end, he left behind a wife (a girlfriend as well) and several children…They knew him best and probably loved him for good and bad.

I shall respect his memory and thank him for giving the world the treasure that still means so much…John Denver..

—–“When Country Roads went Gold, that was a happy day for all of us…With John, we had a lot of happy days”–Jerry Weintraub, on John’s legacy in 1998 from “Behind the Music”


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