Posted by: suek2001 | July 1, 2015

“If dreams were lightning and thunder were desire…”

I recall hearing a story from a friend that has never left me. This friend asked Gordon Lightfoot once, “What does the song “Talking in Your Sleep” mean?

Lightfoot replied, “If I told you, then it wouldn’t be yours, would it?”…

Songwriters,as well as most artists, use their craft to speak to the world..and whatever is running through their head at the moment is what the song means….

There’s a song that meant a lot to me growing up and like anyone I put my own life into it..I probably missed the meaning of it as a child but it spoke to me on so many levels…

The song was called “Angel From Montgomery”…and although written by John Prine, I loved the John Denver version…

I’m thinking about this song as I celebrate a personal anniversary today..It was 14 years ago today I moved to Duluth….

When I was little girl, I had this song and the album(Farewell Andromeda) on my turntable at least a few times a week…and the lyrics from “Angel” spoke to me….

A teenager’s bedroom is a sacred place..We have the chance to layer the walls with photos of meaning and escape and a chance to have all our toys, books and and electronics placed exactly as we want them..

Our walls tell a story….I had a great stereo..and above my stereo I had pictures of Minneapolis, Duluth..John Denver..and Jesus…

High above all that, I had a poster…one that my Aunt Betsy gave me in 1983..

This one:

I lost track of how many hours I stared at this poster..It cost $4 and it remains one of my favorite pieces from my childhood..

Each day after school, I would come home..crank up “Angel From Montgomery” and stare at this poster…as it hung in my bedroom in my Fort Myers, Florida residence…

When John Prine wrore “Angel”, I’m sure he had no idea that he would write an anthem for me..and there’s no way I can ever try to tell him…but the song reached me..and inspired me..

God called me to this town…when I was eight years old..I felt a stirring..and it never..let…up…

So, 14 years ago, I finally worked up the courage and I came to my home..

Life in Duluth has had it’s challenges..both professionally and personally but I wouldn’t trade it for a second..

So, John Prine..if you ever see this blog…THANK YOU…and for all those songwriters out there, your words DO reach the people they need to…

..and that poster hangs in the wall of my bedroom right now….and I see it over my stereo…and smile…

—“...just give me one thing, that I can hold on to”–John Prine


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