Posted by: suek2001 | June 18, 2015

Gunshots and church bells…

There is a story coming out of Charleston, South Carolina….and it happened again…a shooting…at a church..again….there’s multiple sources saying there are fatalities…I can’t comment on that…and I won’t on the details but it gets me to wonder something…

I grew up in the church and over the years, you pray for travel mercies when you drive..and a hedge of protection for missionairies going into dangerous parts of the world….for angels to protect us in our daily lives…

Do we need to start praying for protection when we enter a church?

For a lot of people, it isn’t just a place to kill an hour…or a place to show off a great outfit that your Aunt Betty gave you for your birthday….or a place to look holy while wishing you were raising hell…

It is a place of is the closest we will ever have to a physical representation of the throne room of God…

The altar is where tears are shed and prayers are offered….and lives are changed…it is a sacred place…It is a refuge from the darkness this world can bring….

So, with this shooting, do we now need to ask God for HIS protection when we go to our houses of worship?

Darkness has now invaded with violence…it has invaded with has invaded with lust…it has invaded with lies…and with each invasion,  the Church loses something it can say to the world…and now it has been invaded by violence…

I don’t have the answer..I know my gun-loving friends do..I do my gun-hating friends do….all I have is a mix of rage and sadness at this tragic event…

Tonight, at my church , we sang a song called Freedom…a repetitive gospel number but it talks of the freedom in Christ we have..but with churches experiencing break ins and theft and shootings..Are we really free?

We’re not free from the world’s darkness…we aren’t free of the pain we see..We want to..we want to flee from it and hide in our bubble..No matter what we do, it finds us…again…and again….

I have no clue why God allowed this to happen..I am sure there is a God whose ways are higher than mine…and I question His wisdom sometimes but every relationship goes through it’s moments of “WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??”..and after about 30 years, I feel I can ask that of Him every now and then..doesn’t mean I’ll get an answer…

I can offer prayers….it seems I’ve been praying for a lot of hurting people lately…a little boy struggling to live…a young girl who loathes herself so much she only dates guys who like violence….people injured in motorcycle accidents..and flood victims and on and on..and on..

I see the results of prayers of marriages put back together..cancers cured..healings done…all sorts of things..God still shows his awesome touch but lately, it seems the darkness is winning..yet, I know how this story ends..God is triumphant…..

So, as police cars swarm around a Southern church…a community wonders if it’s safe and streetlights reflect the yellow crime scene tape..I can only weep for the loss..the loss of life..the loss to a church family…the loss of some sort of refuge….

..and all I can say is “Come, Lord Jesus, Come”…




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