Posted by: suek2001 | March 19, 2015

“Riding along in my automobile”…

As most of my friends know, I do not own a car..never learned to drive..and have no desire to..although the freedom to drive still lingers…

One of the main reasons is my upbringing…My mom didn’t have a lot of money…She didn’t have ANY money…so just having ONE car was enough…

I did take Driver’s ED..Got a C in Mr. Kendrick’s class as I recall…but at the age of 43, I have my permit and not much else…

Mom always had issues with cars…My first vivid car memory is some old Buick she had when I was 7 or 8….That got into a car wreck and I recall glass all over me…

After that, I recall a ’69 Chevy Nova…a rustbucket with rear alignment damage that looked so bad that someone put a “This is NOT an abandoned car” bumper sticker on the back..and a nice hole in the floorboards for applecore disposal…

We would go on to have lemon after lemon…a ’72 Plymouth station wagon…a Mazda 626..and Blue Cutlas….

..and on and on…Mom now has a Hyundai Accent…a great car that had 10 great years in it and then it started to rebel..Right now, it’s on it’s third day in the shop…Mom’s not able to afford a new one…and I think she doesn’t want to trust in a new one…I reallized on my latest trip to Florida that I don’t just recall all the great places we’ve been but can point out all the weird spots my Mom has had to pull over..and all the convenience stores we’ve sought for safe harbor…

As she put it, “Some men have trouble with men, I have trouble with cars”…

I say all this as I wanted to post a rather humorous post about car issues..I found a poem I wrote to a friend and wanted to cheer him up…I completely forgot that I wrote it..and knowing my own awesomeness, I just had to share…

Not sure of the title but here goes anyway:

I stand on a street corner
watching traffic drive by
No, I’m not a hooker
I just had my car die

I’ve seen it a million times
so many wrong turns
Not with men but with cars
oh, the heartburn

so, now I wait for a tow truck
wondering why it’s always me
I’ve seen them go places
from point A to Point B

I often wonder what it’s like
to drive without a hassle
probably as unlikely
as me living in a castle

Still, it could be worse
I could be lost somewhere
I could have no way
to get me over there

Thank God for Triple A
Thank God for them indeed

Just 50 bucks a year

gets me all the help I need
Still, if I could get a gun
and shoot this car to bits
I would do it in a heartbeat
after all it’s a piece of s—


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