Posted by: suek2001 | March 7, 2015

A Day With the Kingston Trio!!!!!

I have just spent the day on the road from Duluth, MN to St. Cloud, MN…The journey takes about three hours one way…

St. Cloud is a nice town..but there’s no way that I would go that distance without it meaning something…and with The Kingston Trio performing there, it meant something…

We arrived in St. Cloud around Noon…well after soundcheck had completed but before the 1:30 show had started…

As we checked to see if the folk soul brothas were around, we waited….I admired the beautiful theatre seemed to have some nice carvings into the structure…and on the outside of the theatre was a beautiful sign: advertising the concert..009

Then, Rick Dougherty and George Grove appeared…We chatted for awhile..and joked and played a bit of catch up…I’m not one to write on public places of my friendships with these gentlemen but to know George Grove, Rick Dougherty, Bill Zorn and Paul Gabrielson only adds to the totality of a Kingston Trio concert…

They treat their fans like new friends..and their joy and love for each other translates into a deep love for those that love their music….

This was my tenth Kingston Trio concert..and they have never sounded better..

The show began promptly at 1:30 with a rousing version of “Darlin’ Corey”..and then went into a fantastic version of “Sloop John B”…and the songs flowed…great John Stewart classics such as “Chilly Winds”…”Road To Freedom”..and “New Frontier”…and classic Kingston trio songs like “Scotch and Soda”(with Bill Zorn playing guitar and Paul Gabrielson playing a marvelous bass solo)..MTA…Where Have All The Flowers Gone..Tom Dooley..too many songs to name but the sweetest part of the musical portion of the show was hearing three songs from their new album “Born At The Right Time”.. If you are unfamilliar with this awesome new’s my review:

The three songs they did were “Born At the Right Time” with a great banjo intro from George(the album has a tenor guitar intro)..”Forever and a Day”…and La Migra..the intro featured a joke that Rick Dougherty “acquired” from my friend..My friend is still beaming with pride…

The crowd was a sold out crowd with large tour buses of people from various groups..The Red Hat Ladies..A VFW group..a church a group..all bused in from the Twin Cities to hear The Kingston Trio fill their souls with harmonies and memories…They seemed a little too quiet..maybe too early in the day but still I think I was the rowdiest one there…

After the show, the people swarmed the merchandise table with the Trio mingled with friends and fans…

I took pictures..some will be posted on my FB page but here’s one for now of me with Rick and George:


..and one more pic…Here’s the elusive Bill Zorn with yours truly:


Now, for those wondering why no pictures of the actual concert….I have yet to master the art of the perfect concert photo with my camera…and the lighting inside the hall was weird..and it would change in brightness so images rarely came out…

Plus, The Kingston Trio put on an action-packed show so catching them standing still is nearly impossible…

After the crowds had friend and I wandered to a nearby watering hole for dinner..and started the long drive home…

My heart was sad as this day filled with joy and music and now, it was over…and I really wanted to stay for the 7pm show but time and budgetary constraints wouldn’t allow it..

As darkness fell over the trees and farmland, we noticed something really spectacular…a reddish- orange moon just coming up on the horizon…as tracks from the current Kingston Trio lineup played out of my friend’s Spotify account, it felt like the music of Bill, Rick ,George and Paul was still there…that magic was still there…that heavenly gift of their harmonies was still there…

I thanked God for the beauty of that moon..the friendship of these musicians and the ability and time to hear them share their gift with the world…..

As dark as our world can get, music can still reach us..still teach us and still connect us to something greater than ourselves…

I feel very blessed to have seen The Kingston Trio today…and will  savor every moment I see them for the rest of my days….

I must have been born at the right time….:-)


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