Posted by: suek2001 | February 16, 2015

Bob Simon..RIP…

It is days later..and I am still in shock….that voice..that courage..that prescence is gone…damn…

We began the week with losing Brian Williams, a news personality who lived and breathed his own hubris…to losing Bob Simon….a reporter who lived and breathed the truth…the truth of war..the the truth of the enviroment..the truth of how our world really works..

He brought it all….and he lived through it all…and a car crash killed him….he was taken hostage in Iraq..he reported from the streets of Baghdad…and from the jungles of Vietnam….His last report was a fascinating piece on a possible cure for Ebola…with tobacco..of all things…

To lose that brilliance..that glory…that professionalism..damn…

Bob’s voice and face were on my TV through most of my life…there are few old school war reporters left…Richard Engel of NBC..Terry Moran of ABC and some on Cable but those guys don’t get the glory in this new age of journalism..It’s the tabloid reporters..the weather geeks and those slightly, sleazy investigative jouranlists(Brian Ross-I’m looking at YOU)..

The world of journalism has changed over the’s morphed into a sort of “infotainment”…losing Bob Simon really slides us into a new news reality that for those of who love REAL reporting will be deeply missed…

Just as I curse John Denver for not checking the fuel tank on his plane before that fateful flight…I curse Bob for not wearing his seatbelt..and I check myself for not doing the same when riding in a back seat…

Here’s some Bob Simon reporting over the years:

..and here’s a great slice of reporting on Monks:

..and his reflections on his time as a POW:

Goodbye Bob…and thank you..


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