Posted by: suek2001 | February 16, 2015

A funny story from an unlikely place…

As many of my readers know, I’m not blogging like I normally do, as I am in Florida…Still, I shall share some anecdotes as I get to the nearest Dunkin Dounts..
I attended Mom’s church on Sunday..a little storefront thing..they are just starting out…Mom is excited to be a part of this fellowship…I felt  bit awkward as I didn’t know many people…and they seemed to be busy setting the place up for a brunch…
The rowdy bunch poured in and they seemed to all love and adore Mom…and I watched Mom transform from a quiet person focussed on getting things ready to being a rowdy, “PRAISE THE LORD” kinda person…and that made me smile…
They had a V-Day works..they even did a V-Day version of Bingo…and the prize were the plants on the table..the Pastor didn’t know what the names of some of them were…
He yelled out “Does anyone know the name of this plant?”..
…..and while people were guessing actual plant names…Some woman in the crowd of all these nicely dressed Church going people yelled out “Robert!!!”…
I was one of two people who burst out laughing…
It is a strange stairway to heaven indeed…

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