Posted by: suek2001 | February 7, 2015

How do you slow jam the news?

I recall watching NBC News With Brian Williams awhile ago…and at the end, he announced that he was hosting Saturday Night Live that weekend..

He made some grand pronouncement on credibility and embarrasing himself on the comedy show..and basically it was a “Will you respect me in the morning?” type ramble….

All these years later, we have gotten used to Williams being comedic..showing up on Letterman with a great story and then showing up on Fallon to Slow Jam the News…

I must admit, I think Brian Williams is funny…perfect comic timing and way to tell a story…but in the past couple of years the act has grown tired…

Jon Stewart is a comic…and at one point he thought he might be a brilliant pundit untill he realized that he wasn’t..and dialed it back to comedy..

Brian purports to think of himself as a journalist first..yet, that natural showmanship came out in the storytelling this week..

His stories covering Iraq and Hurricane Katrina are being examined for falsehoods…He apologized for “misremembering” his Iraq story this week..and NBC News has been silent on Williams future..

I want to be angry but I find it sad… that a talent is wasted..and credibility is shot….

My one peeve of Williams is how much of a tool he really has become…

His daughter lands a major role on an NBC production(Peter Pan) and no one bats at eye? He appears in bits on Fallon where Fallon does a slow jam with double entredre’s galore while Williams is the straight man…pretending to read the news…


and then Fallon uses clips from William’s Nightly News shows for a segment that seems to show Willaims rapping:


I will admit..these are funny..but when I watch him on the news, I just can’t buy him as a serious journalist…he’s a news personality…as most of them are…


Growing up, I loved watching Dan Rather..Walter Cronkite and others..just report the news..they rarely appeared on late night TV unless they wanted to talk serious issues…Yes Walter and Rather showed bias..yes, Rather fizzled out on CBS news after his own scandal..

Still, the way news is today, it’s a wonder we are informed at all..Nightly newscasts have become shills for network entertainment..celebrity news is now reported and anytime snowfall happens, the news takes a tabloidish turn making it seem like the “end is near”…

Williams got caught up in himself..the awesomness of Bri-Wi, if you will…and when he did, he took his news department’s credibility with him..and shame too..

Maybe he should have stuck to comedy…He’s better at that than the news…even when it’s “slow-jammed”..






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