Posted by: suek2001 | February 3, 2015

I’m having a techie mid-life crisis….

Every day I write my blog..or email or post to Facebook or some forum, I am using my Dell Inspiron laptop…a piece of crap that has killed more hard drives than the most ambitious hacker…

About a month ago, I invested in a new laptop..shiny,…new operating system…and even a fan cooling system….so what am I writing this on? My old, crappy Dell..

I’ve lost track on how long I’ve had this one…it’s gone through five hard drives..and the CD player died a year ago…sometimes the spacebar sticks..and it even has Windows Vista…If you touched the screen, all it would do is say “Wow, look at that fingerprint!”..

Mom gave me the money out of her work bonus check for this one..and it has caused me nothing but headaches…and still I haven’t worked up the nerve to switch it up…I know this crappy laptop…I know Vista..I know where all my files are…I know how to quickly load pictures into email and FB…I really don’t want to give up that knowledge…

For as often as I play or work on computers, I know very little on how they operate..all I know is they smell my fear of them..and promptly stop working…With this piece of crap, we’ve reached a workable relationship…and to start over with the Toshiba scares me a bit…

Oh yeah, I’ll eventually learn it’s quirks and be amazed at all it can do…but for the first month or so, it will drive me nuts….and the keyboard will turn all my great thoughts into mush…

I’ll work up the nerve but as in any bad relationship, leaving is the hardest part…

So, with God’s grace and a prayer for endurance, tomorrow I will begin the process of leaving this POS behind….

I will embrace my techie mid-life crisis and hope for the best…

So, be prepared for mush in these blogs….Come to think of it, some of the entries already look that way…


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