Posted by: suek2001 | February 1, 2015

Happy Birthday Bob Shane!

Today is February 1st..a Sunday..Super Bowl Sunday…

Yet, that is not what I am writing about….

Eighty One years ago today,  a man by the name of Bob Shane was born….and the folk world would never be the same…

The Kingston Trio would take the world by storm in 1957 with “Tom Dooley”..Bob’s voice would be the feel of that song that shook the music world…

I’ve witten extensively on The Kingston Trio here…both past and present…So I won’t rehash their history or impact but I will pay tribute to a man whose voice continues to cast it’s spell on those who will listen…

Bob Shane has done so much for The Kingston Trio..he toured with them for 47 years and is now retired…

However, his prescence is still felt by the fans..He recorded a solo CD….and is instrumental in keeping the spirit of The Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp alive…His voice is heard on the latest Kingston Trio CD…

I’ve met Mr. Shane a few times…He has an intimidating prescence to be sure but he seems to care about the fans..and realize that fans are what keep you in business…I have had friends meet him and they love that he will talk musical history with them and make them feel apart of some of it themselves…

Still, in the’s that voice…that Elvis-like voice..that convey tenderness…swagger….joy..fear and a whole range of human emotion…When The Kingston Trio received it’s Lifetime Achievement Grammy, it was only fitting that Mr. Shane be the one to accept it as his voice was the bedrock of the Kingston Trio…

Here’s his biggest hit, Scotch and Soda, a song that Frank Sinatra wouldn’t touch due to the perfection of this version:


Here’s one of the greatest vocals of all time by Bob written by one of the greatest songwriters of all time, John Stewart, called When My Love Was Here:


..and then there’s the Elvis-like quality of The River is Wide:

..and then there’s all those foreign language tunes, the KT did..Here’s “Marcelle Vahine”, and I hread somewhere that every vocal on this track is his:


..and last but not least, a fun number…This is “Wimoweh”…I’m posting this because I love Shane’s loud, shouty vocal on this…When I was in high school, I went to a Christian club called Young Life…each week, we’d do sing a-longs..and Lion Sleeps Tonight would always be done..they’d split the room in threes..and without fail, I’d always get the shouty I did my best Bob Shane impression:


So, Happy Birthday Bob Shane…Without the music , you have given all of us, our lives would be slightly poorer….and with that, I will let Mr. Shane have the last word..Here he is receiving the Grammy Lifetime Acheivement Award for The Kingston Trio:



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