Posted by: suek2001 | January 28, 2015

They were flying for me…

Yesterday I wrote about the Apollo fire that claimed three lives…

Today, we remember the tragedy that became Generation X’s “Where wereyou when?”

Space flight had become routine…and even in Florida, people didn’t pay much attention to it anymore…

Reagan announced a teacher was to be the first citizen in space…Christa McCauliffe….and then everyone cared again…

For the families of Mike Smith, Dick Scobee, Elison Onizuka, Ron McNair, Judith Resnick, Greg Jarvis, they already cared…For in NASA and space shuttle flights, they knew nothing was routine..

Each person brought something unique to the flight…and McCauliife was all set to teach from Space…that final frontier…

..and the explosion happened:

It still hurts all these years later…I was in middle school..and I think I was at lunch at the time..I didn’t hear about it ’till they announced it over the PA around 2pm…

Unlike, the Apollo fire before it..and the Columbia disaster after it, this was on live TV…and well before the networks loved the lurid action they cling to today…

Ronald Reagan gave a speech that night..and in the depths of my liberalism(at the time), I admit, it was a good speech but words cannot erase the horror of seeing that exlosion…Kind speeches cannot bring back the loved ones we hold so dear…Songs were written in tribute like this one:

Jerry Dycke:


..and the official song of the disaster written by John Denver:


Almost 30 years later, it gets very little mention on the news as NASA has faded from the minds as the program is virtually shuttered…the space shuttles are no more…and we no longer dream of walking on the moon or sailing in the heavens…we dream of a bit more temporal things…that our economy would strengthen..our politicians would reason together..and that our families be safe, healthy and happy….

I do think our world would be a bit brighter if we decided to do manned spaceflight again. When we did that, we seemed a bit more unified in purpose..and all the battles we fought on this earth, seemed to fade as we all learned about God’s creation through the minds of these scienitists and explorers..

May they be touching the face of God today..and may we always remember their sacrifce…







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