Posted by: suek2001 | January 24, 2015

The neverending music/movie collection..

I have an inspection of my apartment coming up…which makes me want to clean..and I have little to no ambition to do it…

It’s not like I have an 8 room mansion, it’s just that cleaning has never been my strong suit..I can do it if I have the right music…and today felt too disjointed to do it…

My DSL conked out this I called tech support..and they sent a nice young guy over….it was a lovely change from all the people with heavy accents I’ve talked to..

Now, I am not racist but I have a hard time understanding foreign accents…They could have all the knowledge in the world but if I can’t understand them, what’s the point in asking?

This nice young man was here for about an hour..and diagnosed the problem…and fixed it…or so I thought..My DSL lasted a good few hours…long enough to organize some things…and long enough for me to realize that I am a collector of things I don’t need..

I have way more CD’s than I listen to..way more DVD’s than I have time to watch..and way more Entertainment Weekly magazine’s than one person should have…

I also have cookie tins….and they seem to multpily..I thought I took care of my hoardlike behavior a bit ago…

I told myself not to buy anything like music or movies because I have to imagine the spot I will keep them..and I am running out of room….

I love collecting postcards and magnets…and I am running out of room for them as well..My refrigerator is practically brand new….and for a few months, I didn’t have more than two magnets on it but now, I have it covered….

I guess I was thinking about all this while watching coverage of that rich King who died this week in and was buried in a simple grave..and I thought “all that money and power and he couldn’t take it with him”..

So, with all my music and my DVD’s..will they be buried with me too? No…they can’ why do I keep them..

Everyone needs a hobby…mine is rearranging all the stuff I never use once a year for my housing inspection…



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