Posted by: suek2001 | January 20, 2015

Let this be a voice….

I have been denying it for a week or so but my voice is slowly going….

I don’t have the flu or a cold…maybe allergies…but the very thought of losing my voice…my awesome voice..frightens me..

When I was a kid, I never thought much of my voice..and the resonant tone it had…the result of some srguery on the roof of my mouth..Thank you Dr. John Bruno…Still, one person described my voice as a somewhere between “girl next door” and “slut down the street”….and I’ve used both styles to my advantage..


When I was in college, I would get colds and ear infections…and I hated it..not just because of the obvious of pain and suffering but toi not enjoy music by either listening or singing along was horrible…I was a radio broadcasting major at the time..and I was terrifed to lose my futre if my voice went permanently…that and deaf DJ’s are hard to employ…

I still get colds and ear infections that annoy but I am so far removed from any real career goals, I am no longer terrified of not being able to speak…

So, it is today, that I do my best to shut up….and as I love to talk…sometimes shamelessly and rudely too…

So, all my friends and co-workers are glad for this day…..and a few days…my voice shall rise to speak of the awesome people in my life , the wonderous music in my collection..or the fantastic view outside my window…

For, now, I shall be silent…and that’s going to be the true miracle…



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