Posted by: suek2001 | January 19, 2015

“You are the heartbeat that keeps us alive”…

There’s a line from a John Stewart song that applies to today….”Time Went by so quickly, I didn’t see it go”…

..and my Pastor talked about the passage of time as one gets older, how it seems to speed up the older you get…

So, with all that, it’s hard to believe it’s been seven years since John Stewart passed away…January 19th, 2008…


Now, John is someone I never met…although many have..He’s also someone I never saw perform live…although many have…

So, any recollections or ruminations will be based on the gifts he left behind…His music mostly.


John Stewart should have been world famous…He wasn’t.. He wrote songs that spoke of the thrilling days of yesteryear…the discontent of the present..and hope for the future.

Still, he was mostly known as the second banjo player for The Kingston Trio….and the writer of this monster hit for The Monkees:

…..and as the performer and writer for this huge hit in the Summer of ’79:

Great songs to be sure but more than that, he captured the heart of so many who saw dreams ahead of them vanish and then fight for survival…I cannot list all the songs that have had an impact on me…but several did…

The musical legacy he left cannot be matched…and it is told in a beautiful way by John August Lee and Fred Grittner..Fred wrote the lyrics to this awesome tribute to John that exemplifies everything John Stewart wrote about:


I wsh I could be more eloquent than that but John’s music still rings true to me..and I have written about it extensively elsewhere:


..and if you so desire to read on:


..and here’s one about my love of Fantasy Camp..the great folk party that John Stewart began so many years ago:


…and John’s words are true today…”Sing a Song and you’re not alone”..We still feel you John Stewart…and we are thankful…






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