Posted by: suek2001 | January 15, 2015

Why can’t we let it go?????

I consider myself blessed..I have no children…so I have not had to endure endless hours of the Frozen Soundtrack…

Last night, someone posted a video to Facebook of a guy singing that song “Let It Go” in different Disney voices….and what do I wake up with in my head? “Let it Go……let it go..ooooohhhhhhhh”…

I only heard it once and it’s stuck there…Why? Why? Why?

It’s what they call an earworm…some songs tend to linger in the mind…and sometimes that’s NOT a good thing…Let it Go is impossible to get out…another one that get’s stuck in my head is American Pie…

I recall one day I worked at Target…and it happened to be a rather busy Saturday…I had the humming part from “Paint it Black” stuck in my head for four hours….I had a headache by the end of the day…

Some songs are GREAT to get stuck in the head:

Gold by John Stewart:


Country Roads by John Denver:


When I want to work fast at my job, I love it when this gets stuck in my head

All My Life-Foo Fighters:


When I want to work fast and be in a prayerful spirit about how to get through another rotten day at work, I love this in my head

Bethel Church-You Are Good:


A bit repetitive to be sure but music has a power that connects to something deeper…a God that loves us..a great time with friends..a memory of a loved one…and I think writers should think of that when they are writing songs that get stuck in the head..Music shouldn’t drive us insane…like “Let it Go”..It should make us filled with joy and reflection…

Earworms are fun to discuss, but they shouldn’t turn music into a curse…

So with that in mind, I will leave you with two MORE earworms that get my co-workers going on really insanely busy nights:


Chicago’s 25 or 6 to 4(with the Peanuts gang)


..and another song that I never really cared for until one night a co-worker started singing it and then got us all singing…

The Foundations–Build Me Up Buttercup:


May music fill your soul today..






  1. Add Kelly Clarkston to the list.
    That’s what I woke up with in my head today…and it’s still there! lol

    • Since U been goooooonnnnnnneeeee…… stuck there today too..:-)

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