Posted by: suek2001 | January 12, 2015

“Born at the right time”?

Ahhh..young love..there is nothing like it….except maybe old love….

As most of my regular readers know I grew up without a dad and had Mom to raise me…and as anyone who has studied behavior patterns, that often leads to so-called “Daddy Issues” in girls…

Those issues manifest themselves in dating habits…The trope is that young girls dig older guys for they must be seeking out the love from an absent father..

Maybe that was true in my case..When I was a teenager, almost all of my crushes were on guys 20-30 years older…I had no interest in guys my own age…Older guys were wiser..more handsome..and had better taste in music.

The most blantant of this was when I was in college..I fell hard for Dennis Mertz..We had a very sweet, close may have developed into something more but his death brought an end to that…He was 43 when he died…Iwas 24….

I recall him telling me that he saw his ex-wife at one point and told her, “Yeah, college is going well for me, I have a 20 year old girl that thinks I am the hottest thing”…

I could not stop laughing when he told me that….never thought I would be a tool to make another woman jealous…

I write all this because I am 43 now..and my desire for older guys has waned a bit…or narrowed maybe….When I met my last boyfriend, he was nine years older than me…my childhood friend said “What?? You like a guy from your own decade? No more trolling for nursing homes for you!”

She was right….Once I realized, I was one of those “daddy issues” kind of girls..and dealt with issues with my absent father in my own way, the attraction to much older men seemed to vanish…

Fast forward to last night…..a couple of friends recently saw The Kingston Trio  in the San Francsico Bay area..and posted pictures….I love Bill Zorn, Rick Dougherty, George Grove and Paul Gabrielson…their talents collectively equal the best music I’ve ever heard..However, they are not One Direction…they are not young, hot kids being guided by a record label to throw teen girls into a frenzy of lust…

They are four guys over the age of fifty making fantastic music…I will admit, I had a crush on George Grove…and it is indeed a running gag amoungst my friends…So, I “liked” all the pictures of my musical heroes..and posted nice things about each photo…

Facebook has this pattern that places ads in the margins to tailor to the taste of the FB user…and so after I like the pictures of my beloved folk soul brothers, an ad appears…

It had a decent looking man..with salt and pepper hair and the headline “Girlfriend Wanted–Date Mature Men”…

I laughed ’till I cried and then I stopped when I realized I was seconds away from clicking on the ad….sigh…guess some things never change…





  1. Life is short…
    You should have clicked on the ad. 🙂

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