Posted by: suek2001 | January 10, 2015

“Saturdays are better days..”

It is sunny morning here in Duluth…a cold, sunny, January morning..The last I checked the temp was 6 below with a windchill of 25 below…warmer than it’s been but a long way before it’s doable..

This is my first weekend to work in two years. I have a service job within a hospital…I was blessed for two years to have Monday-Friday hours….

My biggest thrill in having weekends off was going to the church I love..Abundant Life Church in Duluth….

Now, that’s an every other Sunday..every other Wednesday proposition…It saddens me but I guess I had two great years to revel in the thrill of Sundays off..

Losing my Saturdays off is no big deal…I worked at Target for ten years..and worked nearly every Saturday…They were sweet enough to let me have my Sundays…I just worked every Friday and Saturday…

I got used to getting up early and riding the bus..and going to work..and doing errands when I was done…It seemed normal to me…

I’ve had other jobs over the years that have Saturday hours…and I even worked weekend nights…Thank God, I’m not that popular where my social life took a beating as a result. It’s just how I lived…

So, these past two years have been really weird..I never know quite what to do on my Saturdays..This summer I was blessed with decent weather and times with great friends..Most of the time, I would waste my Saturdays….as I felt a strange twinge of guilt for being off while so many had to work..

So, going to work this morning on a Saturday seems like the right thing to do. In some ways, working is better because I won’t spend money…and it also beats staying inside on a freezing cold day trying to find something to do that isn’t cleaning..

I just wish my job felt a little more meaningful than the dead end nature of it…Still, money is why I go in..and money helps for my next weekend off..



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