Posted by: suek2001 | January 8, 2015

“I am Charlie”

I’m a huge fan of satire…Mike Royko was brilliant at it…I discovered him the same year I hear The Kingston Trio on the radio..and the song I first heard was “MTA”..Satire is much needed..It may not have the same heft as traditional reporting but it is much needed..

So, the events in Paris trouble me…Satire is a warped way of speaking truth to power and satirical press is a great way to laugh at those in power and yes, ourselves…

Terrorists have threatened institutions worldwide before..and ISIS beheading journalists this summer…It seems the media is under attack…and it scares me…

We must keep writing..we must keep poking a finger at the bear of Establishment…12 people were killed for that right….

I pray for the families..and for the entire French press who must be on edge after this…

My blog may not have the wit or social relevance of popular satire, but it is a great outlet for my voice in this world..and I do not want it silenced…

I know that if something like this happened to The Onion, we would all feel the loss…

So, with the people of Paris, I stand with them and shout:



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