Posted by: suek2001 | January 5, 2015

Where those chilly winds don’t blow????

As I look out my window, there is a ship coming into port…winding it’s way through the sea fog and making it’s way under the Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth…

The temp is a brisk 12 below zero and the windchill hovers around 40 below zero. I am sitting here wearing two layers of clothes as I prepare for the longest walk to work. I live a block away but on mornings like this, it feels like ten blocks…

..and I I gaze at this chilly beauty..why in the world am I here?


All those years ago, I felt a pull to this town…When I was eight years old, I told my family I would move to Duluth…Seeing Lake Superior and the Lift Bridge..and the homes nestled on the hillside made a deep impression on me….and it never left…

I grew up in Florida…and I suppose I couuld have learned to connect with Florida, if I lived at the beach…The Gulf of Mexico side….but I didn’t..I grew up about 20 miles from shore….

Still, Duluth had an impression on me..I recall My Aunt and Grandma visiting from Minnesota. They spent all afternoon sprawled out on beach towels soaking up the sun. My Aunt was not one that could relax easliy but she did that day…I grew restless and picked up seashells..and spelled the word PEACE in shells on the shore…I was proud of that..and they were own weird way of graffitti…So, I sprawled out on a towel next to them…I still can feel the sand beneath me as I type this….and all I remember is relaxing as I listened to the waves lap against the shore…

..and what was I thinking about? How lucky I was to live near the Gulf of Mexico? How blessed I was to see so much sunshine? No..I was imagining those waves as being from Lake Superior…

Yeah….Why? I have no clue..except I knew that I had to leave the Sunshine State and find my home in Duluth…which I eventually did…

So, on a cold morning like this, I ask God..why did You call me here? He’ll tell me someday but for now, this is my Home..and something tells me, if I were to give it all up and move someplace warm, I would still think of Lake Superior…

Now, I must be going…and put on my killer strawberry ear muffs….



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