Posted by: suek2001 | January 4, 2015

Those lazy Sundays…

As I type this, I just woke up from my Sunday afternoon nap….It is the only day of the week, I really can get a good nap in..and it always seems to be my laziest day…

For the last two years or so, I have had the thrill of having weekends off from my job…Every weekend…and that has allowed me some great times with friends..great Sunday services…and productive sessions of laundry and housecleaning…

That all ends this week..My schedule has been switched to an every other weekend…I was NOT happy to hear of this as I love going to church every Sunday….Still, to keep the bills paid and savings intact, I must keep the job.

I have asked God for mercy and was praying for a change of heart but so far, all systems are go for this new schedule.

I will have days off in the middle of the week but that seems strange to me. Every time I’m home during the week, I suffer from flashbacks of being unemployed for long stretches of time…and then I realize the quality of daytime TV has not improved.

So, with the time off in the middle of the week, I shall devote it to cleaning and to fellowship with friends….

Yet, my Sundays are my treasure….They start off with a great service at my church..and then meander into a watchable game of football…and then a drift off to dreamland where I;m awakened by a phone call from Mom reading an obituary in her paper or my best friend telling me a great joke he heard.

I do get things done and manage to prepare my mind for a week of work but with this new schedule now, it seems like that’s not the case…My old schedule has five straight days..this new one, will have four straight days at most….and weekends…

God has His reasons for this plan..and I am His servant…so I shall go where He sends me…I just hope to see the grand scheme of His one day…



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