Posted by: suek2001 | December 5, 2014

A poem of sorts…

A poem to ponder…

They shot at the blacks…

I said..”okay..they were wrong..good for the cops”…

They arrested a pastor for feeding the homeless..

I said..”Good to arrest that guy. The homeless are littering the streets”..

They spied on my computer and phone…

I said “Well,I’ve done nothing wrong so I have nothing to hide besides, it’s the guy’s in turbans we need to worry about”..

.and then they told me I couldn’t write my blog because it might be hate speech and incite violence if the wrong people were to read… I stopped writing…for the good of the country….

If all the excuses we make about the police, our goverment and so many other areas…We will be silenced becase the fear we have of others will be turned on to us..We will be feared for our faith..for our actions..for our beliefs and politics..

We MUST end this…we must not be sheep led to the slaughter…We must start to question authority more often…We must persue the hard truths of agendas. We must for the sake of our future..


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