Posted by: suek2001 | October 31, 2014

“There she was just a walking down the street..”

I had no intention of writing about this subject but the cultural landscape of the week brought something to mind…

It was about 20 years ago or so…I was in college…and my body still looked attractive..Unfortunately for me, I hid it well..I was in a phase of baggy pants and baggy shirts…No sense of fashion at all…

I was living in Minneapolis..and riding the bus home from work..I was attending Bible College at the time…I was used to drunk guys hitting on women on the bus route I took as it was all a part of the glamorous life of Elliot Park at the time.

This beautiful woman just happen to board the bus..Nice lady of color…well dressed on her way home or out to a party….This drunk man..also of color…started hitting on her..slurring his words, “Oh you know how wonderful you look? Do you have a daddy to love you?”.. and on and on it went..

Most women know that with catcalls like this, you ignore them and endure the ten minutes of leering and noises…If you let the guy know you are annoyed, it will only encourage real guys of class CARE about a woman’s feelings…

At one point, he leaned over and said “Would you do me a favor and walk slowly off the bus and let me watch you?”…

I was nervous for the woman..and she was nervous too…The bus driver told the guy “Calm down” but made no move to protect her when she got off the bus….

So, I did what any woman would do…I stood and walked directly behind her and blocked the drunk guy from leering and catcalling.. My large posterior shielded him from seeing her walk off that bus…as I took my final steps off the bus, I heard him whine “oh man…that’s not fair…”

The woman profusely thanked me for protecting her…I stayed with her for a moment or two to make sure the drunk guy did not get off at the next stop..He didn’t..

I walked the rest of the way home..It was only three blocks before my stop but it was worth every step to protect that woman…

I have been leered at when out with friends..but to my knowledge, I haven’t been catcalled to..or maybe I have and my hearing is bad..

No matter much as I want a guy to notice that I am a stunningly, sexy woman..there is a process to which that truth can be revealed. It is not shouted out from across a street..or under a strong influence of alcohol. it is whispered on that first date…or on a wedding night…

Any other time, it makes a woman an object and according to my reading of the Bible we were NOT made to be objects but companions..

So, when a guy cannot fathom why women DON’T love to be whistled at or “Oh yeah baby”, it is because we are more than what meets the eye…We can be crazy..we can be funny..we can be serious..and we can be loving…we ARE so much more than the outer package that men cling to as an understanding of women….

..and GUYS, it works both ways…Shouting out “Oh baby, walk slowly”..or “You’re so hot” or anything else…does NOT make you look attractive..It makes you look ill-mannered..and is THAT the lasting image you want US to have of you?

Granted, I don’t have guys falling all over themselves to catcall to me but I don’t need that to have it boost my self-esteem..Just laugh at my jokes…works every time…or tell me you’re a devoted reader of my blog…that would really work!!!!


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