Posted by: suek2001 | October 12, 2014

“My Spirit is lifted rising higher and higher”..a tribute to John Denver’s that time again…each year, I think it might get easier but it doesn’t..

Seventeen years ago was a Sunday…a rather nice Sunday afternoon as I recall..I went to bed thinking it was a good week..ready for another week of school…

It was that Monday morning that was the reality…and still hearing my Aunt crying and telling me John Denver was dead….That wasn’t supposed to happen…

I wasn’t close to John Denver on any level..he wasn’t a family member or a close friend ..he was a celebrity with immense talent…and yet, his words..his actions..his life touched me deeply…

The gift of his music cannot be measured by how many songs are in his catalogue..or how many songs made the Top Ten….The gift of his actions cannot be measured by how many concerts he gave or how many charities he started..or how many trees he planted…

It is the ones that were touched by his actions….the many that still think of him on a daily basis….it is in the ones that still carry his music on their IPOD or crank it out of their stereo…or sing it softly to themselves to get through the day…

..or the countless You Tube covers of Country Roads and Annies Song…17 years later his music still matters…

I have said numerous times how John Denver reached me when so few could…I grew up in a single parent home with no father but a grand and loving mother..John was that male prescence for me..his music was my teacher..his TV specials were my joy….

His activism was what I lived by for years….Recycling was an idea..a brave idea back in the day…picking up litter was a responsiblity..and being king and reaching out to those who cannot defend themselves…that was what John taught me…

The weird thing is that as I grew in my faith in God, I realized that a lot of what John talked about..God would be pleased with…He was a man who sought truth…sought peace…and sought harmony…..and when he did that, he took his fans on that journey as well..

I know this entry hasn’t been up to my usual standards but for all my love for John Denver, I still cannot write out exactly everything his life and music meant to me…

I met him once..and told him my favorite song but I couldn’t find the right words…I’m sure John knew that feeling often but somehow I think he knew..maybe not to the extent of what he meant but he knew…

Thank you John Denver…for sharing your gift..your vision to the world….It still means a lot to those you left behind..

Some songs for this day…and some of these are personal favorites…as they have the heart of a seeker in them:

“Opposite Tables”–from the LP “Seasons of the Heart”

Looking For Space—-from the LP Windsong

Poems Prayers and Promises—from the LP of the same name, written when he was 27:

That’s The Way It’s Gonna be-Great Bob Gibson song but John delivers a great verve to knew he wished he had written it…from The Mitchell Trio album of the same name:

Eagles and Horses–Great song with spiritual layers to it–written by John and on the LP Flower That Shattered the Stone:

Whispering Jesse–written by John Denver for the album Higher Ground. I rarely like covers of John Denver songs..but only two covers really are better than the original in my John Denver world…This one by Steve Cottrell is one of the greatest readings of any John Denver song I’ve ever heard. It brings me to tears:

This is a cover from a tribute album that came out last year..Dave Matthews takes an obscure oldie from John Denver called “Take Me To Tomorrow” and makes it into a bluesy pondering number. I really think John would have loved it..I know some JD fans detest this, I love it because it makes John’s songs sound fresh:



  1. Missing him also. Amazing talent, and voice for the environment.

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