Posted by: suek2001 | September 11, 2014

“..though the city starts to crumble and the towers fall around us….”

I woke up this morning and looked out my window to see a slightly overcast day and the winds giving way to high waves on Lake Superior…

Fall is fast approaching but that’s not why I feel sad today…

I moved to Duluth in the Summer of 2001..My Mom had come to visit me for my 30 birthday…that first week of September..She flew back to Florida on Tuesday, September 4th..and my heart ached that her trip was over so soon..

Then..that horrifc Tuesday morning happened..merely a week later…13 years ago this morning..and all I can think of is…damn…things changed in a matter of hours…

Lives were lost…plans were changed…and all I could think of that day was how frantic and shocked all those families were in NYC that day..

I recall walking around that afternoon in Canal Park..quiet for a Tuesdy with a few people milling around…We spoke in hushed..shocked tones…the mall was closed..all schools and city buildings were closed… and all I could stare at was the Lake….Two ships were anchored out in the Lake. The Coast Guard and Army Corps of Engineers shut down the Lift Bridge and was not allowing any ship traffic in..

..and thus, the era of fear truly began…

The one image that will haunt me aside from the firefighters walking up the stairs to their death in those towers….the image of a nearby hospital with doctors, nurses and all the other staff preparing for the onslaught of the injured…clean white beds line the halls..and yet…very few of the beds were used…they sat empty…for they never made it to the hospital…

So many lives were lost…so many hearts broken that day…and yet so many came together to grieve with raise money…
America may have it’s issues..and our leaders may be tone deaf but when it comes horrific days like September 11th, 2001.. we all help each other pick up the pieces…

I pray we NEVER have to do that again..and I pray we NEVER forget..


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