Posted by: suek2001 | September 3, 2014

” It’s turns me on to think of growing old”

It is the day after my 43rd birthday….a Hump Day too….

I had a great birthday…and the older I get the more blessed I feel.

I’ve some memorable birthdays and a lot of forgettable ones…
This one ranks as a memorable one.

My Eighth birthday was spent on a plane flying from Minneapolis to Fort Myers on a journey to a new life with Mom…There were presents before the trip and a birthday cake at the end…I still taste the coconut frosting…and hating it finally hit me, that I was no longer living in Minnesota…Coconut tasted tropical and my heart was and IS midwestern…and I still hate coconut…

There was my 18th birthday..Mom and I went to a beach in Sarasota…one of the most beautiful cities on this planet..the beach was a great swimming beach..before all the hurricanes of the 90’s eroded that beach into history….We were standing in the water when we noticed something off on the horizon…dolplhins playing…I saw a school of dolphins swimming on my birthday…I took that as a great sign from God that my life would be a blessed one…

There was my 21st birthday..a surprise party thrown by friends at Church…still one of my favorite moments..and everyone bringing Reeses Peanut Butter Cups..I think my total haul of PB cups was 75??

My 23rd birthday came at the start of Bible College…and my friend. Dennis bought me flowers that day..I think my family “floated” my birthday to that Sunday….and I don’t recall a moment of that celebration but I do remember that gorgeous,blue vase Dennis gave me.

My 25th birthday was a surprise as well..I took time off work as I thought Betsy and I were going to Duluth.(my regular birthday treat for years)..Mom surprised me..and we spent a few days in Grand Marais…The weekend was a family trip of we spent those few days spreading my Grandmother’s ashes around various parts of the North Shore…It wasn’t a party…very emotional….Still some joy snuck in..I saw Betsy and Mom laugh a few times..rare for them..and I had the Fried Shrimp at the East Bay Hotel….

I’ve had other memorable 40th one…I’ve written about that here as well…great day..filled with a personal realization that I am survivor and and have even thrived….and a trip to the Lake Superior Zoo…where I watched a bear take a leak over the side wall…out for a great buffett with friends and then sitting around a bonfire at night….

Yesterday’s birthday was a good mix..I met some friends online in the morning…went to work and experienced a nice, quiet day..and a few “Happy Birthdays”..along with a piece of cheesecake from a co-worker..came home to find my Mom’s birthday box with EVERYTHING in tact…Yes, I even got her homeade fudge…some clothes..a DVD and a book on National Parks!

She treats me well…

After that, I spent some time with a friend at a local eatery at the foot of the Aerial Lift Bridge..We had a half-moon and a ton of great appetizers…and a large ore ship depart as we looked on…

I thought of all those times when I told people, “All I want is to be in Duluth on my birthday”…

.Last night, I almost cried at realizing that’s really what my heart wanted all along….

I went to bed with over eighty birthday wishes from friends on Facebook…and warmth in my heart from all the blessings of God…

How can this birthday be topped? We shall see in the coming years…I look forward to it..



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